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08-07-2007, 02:10 PM
I am currently looking for a new 3 wt rod. I am considering Thomas and Thomas, Sage, Scott or Winston. I own a winston IM6 5wt and love it. I also own a Thomas and Thomas 6wt horizon. (a little fast). I have never owned a sage or a scott So I am looking for the BEST rod and company on the market. I am having a hard time finding Thomas and Thomas dealears along with Scott dealers. Does any one know why?

Paula Begley
08-08-2007, 10:45 AM

LRO is a Scott dealer. As to Thomas and Thomas, we used to carry their rods, but the company went through several turn-overs and they are not represented by sales reps...to my knowledge.


08-08-2007, 12:07 PM
I like my Scott G2 9' 5wt a lot. Never owned a Winston WT, but the one's I've played with have been very nice. I think a lot of it just boils down to what you want and what fits you best.

I am not an expert in fly fishing by any stretch so take my reco with a large grain of salt.

I will compare it with guitars for a moment. I have a lot of people ask me what kind of guitar to buy for their child, themselves, husband/wife, etc. The answer I give them is the same as I've heard others give about fly rods (I'm a much better guitar player than fly caster and that should say something about my lack of skill in fly fishing...).

The answer I give them is to go to the stores and play as many different examples as you can get your hands on. One will say "take me home". The one that says take me home is the one to get. Once you go past a given price point, they are all well made and they are all excellent instruments (Gibson, Taylor, Martin, Collings, etc.). So, it's not a matter of is one "better" than another, it's which one is better for you and one just cannot go wrong with buying any one of the better ones as long as it meets the individual needs.

I'm thinking fly rods are the same. Winston, Scott, Sage, etc. are all high quality, well made, and warranted produts. There is not a difference in overall quality, but one of them (or some other equally good brand or even custom) will speak to you and you'll just know.

That happened with me and Scott. A guid I fished with had one and when I cast his, I knew what I wanted. I looked at Winston and Sage and asked a lot of questions on the boards (here included) but ended up getting one like the rod that spoke to me.

I'm, so far, happy with the choice. I know money will burn a hole in my pocket in the future and I'll go on the hunt for something new but until then, I'm a happy guy.

I hope this long winded discussion from a newbie helped.


appalachian angler
08-08-2007, 05:39 PM
What type of fishing are you going to be doing with this 3wt? A longer 3 for fishing midges and small dries on tailwaters, or a shorter 3 for mountain streams? I have owned and fished with a Sage 8'9" SLT and a Scott G (the older version) 8'8" 3wts and both were great tailwater and small stream rods. The Scott was a very smooth, progressive medium action rod. The Sage was alittle stiffer, med-fast actioned rod. The Sage has more power but a little less finnesse. The new Scott G2's, from what I hear are more med-fast actioned. As for small stream, a very nice rod is the St. Croix Avid in the 7'9" 4pc. version. I have the same lenght 3wt in the Legend Ultra, and I kinda wish I had bought the Avid (after casting both) The LU is a touch faster, and likes a 1/2 line heavier like the SA gpx or Rio grand, but that sorta defeats the purpose of wanting a lighter line rod. Just speaking from alittle experience. Cast all of the rods you can before deciding! And as i like to advocate: buy the best you can afford and if possible, buy American!


08-10-2007, 04:15 PM
The advice of the scott rod keeps coming up. I will be using this rod for smoky mountain trout. I had a silver lable 3wt 4.0 flex and it was way to much of a noodle for me. I definately agree on buy american with the exception of the new orvis mid arbor battenkill reels. From all I can tell they seem to be great.

08-29-2007, 01:54 PM
If you can test rods, try out the Sage VT2. I have the 3wt and love it.

08-29-2007, 02:26 PM
I have a Sage TXL 3wt rod for use on small mountain stream. Really like it.
As included in above posts, if you can cast rods before you buy that is the best way to go.
Good luck buying and fishing with your new rod.

08-29-2007, 03:55 PM
here's my 2 cents:

I've owned 2 winston wt 3wts. one in 7'6, the other 8'. I currently use the 8' for almost all of my smokies fishing. both, however, are quite different. considering that you're looking to purchase a premium american made rod, I cannot recommend the winston wt enough. winston also has excellent customer service. I'd HIGHLY recommend you visit the winston forum (on their site) and inquire about 3 wt rods. there are some guys on there with an unbelievable amount of knowledge of rods of all brands and makes, and they love to debate even the most minor aspects of different rods.

I also own a t&t 6wt (helix). this rod is way too fast for me. it is a great rod though. t&t, from what I understand, has horrible customer service. someone once told me that if you sent a rod to them to have repair work done, and you were not the original warranty holder (i.e. you bought it used) they would just keep your rod. who knows. I have also contacted them via email concerning rod specs and have NEVER recieved a response. I wouldn't buy a product from a company like that.

as for scott, I'd love to own a g2, and may end up buying one someday. I have one scott rod which I had a problem with and had to send back for repair. they fixed the problem, but it took a really long time, and the grip came back extremely soiled???. I didn't like that, but it was probably just an isolated incident, and I'll give 'em another go sometime.

another rod that would be nice, but hard to find, is an OLD full flex superfine. mmmmmm

08-29-2007, 05:28 PM

I own a 6wt horizon 2 and it is definately extra fast. The winston is probably the greast rod that I can think of out there on the market hands down. But since my posting I purchased a orvis 8' 4wt troutbum superfine. I love this rod. Thanks for the info and I will definately check out winstons forum.

08-30-2007, 12:28 AM
I have not been able to cast one of the new superfines yet. a few people I know, whose opinions I really respect, have and say they are wonderful. I may have to cast one next time I'm in LRO.

08-30-2007, 06:13 PM
the winston 5 piece 8'3" 3wt!!!Try one out at LRO--it is a wonderful rod---have a Scott fiberglass--broke it---like to have never got it back from Scott---when I did get it back ---it looked as thought it was abused---Scott's service is terrible----but their rods are good.Don't know about Sage