View Full Version : Byron's tribute to Joe

08-13-2007, 07:20 PM
Byron It was nice to see your comments about Joe on your "fishing report". I came in early one sunday morning looking for a rod since most my gear was old garage sale stuff. I told Joe what I was looking for and right off the bat knew this guy was serious about his job and sport. He didn't try to talk me into expensive gear. Just good quailty "works for me" (him) stuff. He doesn't care to share what is working for him or where he's been fishing. He is just a great all around guy. Everyone of you all at the shop are great people for that matter.

Oh and Joe, if you read this, you have my number and since you won't be working up at the shop and can't tell (help out) anyone where we go I have some secret spots that are smokin'. I ain't even as nice a guy as Joe.