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Byron Begley
08-14-2007, 10:40 AM
Hi Rocky,

In the fishing report today I didn't know what to say about fishing on the Hiwassee. I know you guys have had a great year there. Is it still fishing well. Thanks.


08-14-2007, 11:38 PM
Hey Byron,

It's still fishing real well. I'm here in Reliance bootlegging wireless from a friend. It's a very pleasant evening but we're expecting another hot one tomorrow. Predicted 99 here in Reliance.

As of the last three days, TVA has opened it up and are running 2 wheels around the clock. This is great for our fish, as they can really spread out into more productive lanes on the river. It's not so good for waders as it does eliminate about 75% of the wadable areas. However, there is still good wading spots available near the powerhouse, and downstream to Towee.

It's a float fishermen's dream. I've been putting on around 11:00 and taking out between 8 and 9. The fish are everywhere so it's all good water right now. Water temps are holding well....I checked twice today with the morning running at 58 at the PH boat ramp, 60 below the Steps this evening.

The morning bite for me has consisted of isonychia nymphs and buggers on a swinging presentation. One day the fish like a slow and lazy strip, while the next might be a smoking quick strip. You just have to work it and see how they like it.

I've started switching off to dries a little earlier in the day lately. A light caddis emergance in the am has been fishable to a degree. A skated gray EHC will produce some decent action until noonish. Still not as productive as the "swang".

The real dry fly action kicks off around 2:00 or so. As the #18 olives start emerging. The hatch gets stronger throughout the rest of the day as does the bite. Our summer isonychias are doing their thing....popping off sporadically from noon on. While the iso's are not out in the same numbers as the olives.....the fish learn quick to recognize them as a good meal. We're seeing them from #8 - #14 depending on the sex. Fishing a big brown drake and trailing your favorite olive emerger/dun has made for some exciting fishing.

IF our water holds these temps much longer....we should be set up for some incredible wade fishing this fall and winter. Right now it's looking bright.