View Full Version : SoHo Report 8/18

Backcountry FF
08-18-2007, 05:20 PM
Hit the SoHo for a pretty full day today. Started by hiking through the woods from the TVA South Road lot. Staked out my favorite spot early. Caught a few on zebra midges and scuds, including one 15" brown. Not too bad since I was really "just waiting for the sulphurs".

The sulphurs started coming off good about 11:30, alas, the water came up at 12:30. Managed eight or so in the 9"-12" range. They were hitting a variety of sulphur dries and emergers size 16, as well as size 16 pheasant tails. Had a few LDR's including what would have been the fish of the day (isn't it always), and one feisty bow actually snapped my last comparadun.

Moved down to the Rockhold section after lunch and netted about half a dozen more. A mixture of browns and bows, same fly selection. This was my first time fishing this area and I wasn't disappointed. I think this water looks better than the areas off of Big Springs Rd. that I usually frequent.

There were a lot of anglers on the river at every access point, and from what I could tell most were catching fish.