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08-26-2007, 08:45 PM
I am going to fish the Caney Fork this weekend with my uncle and couisin and i was wondering what sort of flies and places you fish there. Do I need to bring waders. If so can I wade it with pant/waist waders? Thanks.

appalachian angler
08-26-2007, 09:58 PM
I wet waded the Caney this past Friday and felt comfortable! the water temp was around 55* but with the air temp in the 90's it didn't take long to get adjusted to it. Bring midges, small scuds 18-16 and some sz 18 soft hackled PT's. I had good luck with a sz 20 olive zebramidge with a gold rib and gold BH. Also did really well with the aforementioned PT softy. Also caught a very plump buttersided brown on a secret Scud pattern in a sz 16. If a blackfly hatch gets crankin' try a 22 griffith's gnat well dusted with frogs' fanny!


08-26-2007, 11:33 PM
The Caney is really strong right now with both rainbow and brown trout. I usually fish it 2-4 times a week from morning until night and from my experience you need two different flies; black zebra midge with either silver or copper bead and also red-asses. I fished last Friday morning for about 4 hours from 8:30am til about 12:30pm and landed 21 nice trout, missed probably 10 and then on my way out I drifted a black zebra midge and hooked 6 more. On Wednesday a guy gave me a white zebra midge and I caught fish on it almost every other cast. I used everything from a size 16 to 20 and it never affected the frequency of strikes. I had some luck below the dam with smaller parachute adams but there were A LOT of people down there stomping around and making a bunch of racket and if you stay around happy hollow there is a huge concentration of fish. If you can paddle upstream from happy about a mile there is some deeper water and some nice 20 to 24 inch fish. About wading, I see a lot of guys down there in shorts or pants but they can't stay long as the water is just plain old cold. Bring chest waders because there is a lot of action river right upstream and it gets deep toward the middle. Tight lines, Edward