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08-26-2007, 10:48 PM
On Saturday my nephew and I went over to Cataloochee. The water was cool and a little bit low with a touch of color. The fishing was slow. We did however caught a park slam.
Before we got to the creek we ran into some bull Elk feeding at the Old Palmer place. The 3 big bulls were eating right beside the road. We wachted them for about 20 mins before they entered the woods. I got some pics. with my cell phone.
We were both fired up about seeing the elk. We drove to the camp ground below the Plamer Place before we started fishing. My Nephew stepped in to the creek and with his first cast took a 10 in. rainbow. With his second cast he landed a 8.5 in. rainbow. I thought that the fishing was going to be great, boy was I in for a humbling day. We fished up the stream for an hour or so before we hooked a fish. Nephew hooked a small brookie. Then he took a small rainbow out of the same hole. In the next hole of water I hooked a small brookie. I was surprised we caught these fish down so low. Well we fished on up the creek. I landed a 7 in. rainbow. Then my nephew caught a 15 in. brown to complete his slam. After he landed the big brown we high-5ed each other and jumped up and down shouting. so if anyone was at cataloochee on Saturday that was not a wild animal you heard it was just me and my nephew. After the fish dance we settled down and stared fishing again. My nephew went to the next run of water and hooked a small rainbow. We fished hard until noon when I finally caught a small brown to get my slam. The temp. started rising so we quite fishing and went back to the truck. I took some ribbing from my nephew about his big fish. It was his best brown to date. My nephew took all his fish on a #12 Male Adam. I caught my fish on a #6 crow fly. The fishing was slow but we got to enjoy at its best just the way the Good Lord wanted. Hope everyone enjoys the pic.


08-27-2007, 02:00 PM
i went into cataloochee for the first time and caught a few nice brookies in about 2 hrs.being it was my first time and not having much time to sight see can you give me some info.where would the palmer place be?

08-30-2007, 11:32 PM

When you first come into the Cataloochee Valley you will cross a bridge. Take a right after you cross the bridge. This road will take you by The Palmer Place. The Palmer place is on the left hand side of the road. Also if you stay on this road it will bring you out at the entrance to Big Creek. The road has a lot of curves and is a slow go but it has some good scenery. The entrance to Big creek will be on your left, If you go straight the road will take you to Cosby, Tn, If you turn right this will lead you to I 40. Hope the info helps.


08-31-2007, 01:36 PM
thanks for the info.it was my first time there.with the info you have given me i kind of know now what is what with my directions.