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09-03-2007, 06:35 PM
Went to Cosby Creek today caught a few bows below the Campground. Does anyone know exactly where the brookies start showing up? I was close to the campground in some extreme casting conditions before I chose to go back down to the Creek roadside. Should I have stayed above the campground? Does anyone know if the creek gets wider or if it stays that way all the way up past the campground?

09-03-2007, 08:28 PM
Normally, you'll get brookies from the campground on up. However, last weekend, I started around there, and I was catching bows, so I moved up to above the campground, starting where the Mt Cammerer trail crosses it; I still was picking up bows, but eventually I started getting the brookies. I think the heat and drought conditions forced the rainbows up higher than normal. On my way out, I fished a little more around the nature trail, and I picked up a brookie and a bow in consecutive pools, so they're all mixed up.

Cosby Creek doesn't really get any wider, but from what I've seen it doesn't really get much smaller, either. Now, I haven't come close to its extreme headwaters, but just looking on a map, it goes up quite a ways, and quite a few streams feed it. It's just a wonderful little stream, but that's exactly what it is - little. Back in June, the fish were starting to become isolated in individual pools - I decided not to fish it again until it got some water. The only reason I fished it last Saturday was because 1. I was up there on business, and 2. I knew the watershed had received quite a soaking the day before.

BTW - if you think Cosby is tight...there are a couple of other brookie streams where it's hard to even walk with a fly rod in hand.

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09-03-2007, 08:33 PM
cosby is tight, but around the campground and above, its pretty manageable. especially since its so small and there really isnt any casting involved. just a little flipping kind of. the section just below the campground down to where two other steams empty into cosby creek and there's big pull and a pull off, the creek gets really tight, with a lot of over hanging limbs. that is where i caught my first bow at in the smokies though, so you won't be hearing me complain about it.


09-06-2007, 07:52 PM
Thanks for the info! I appreciate it...sorry haven't been able to write back until now!