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09-04-2007, 07:46 AM
Floated the upper section of the river late yesterday, after the parade went by. Fish were taking hoppers along the banks, or off mid stream drop offs. Saw some of the better fish just nose up behind the fly without eating. First time I've wet a line in a month. Felt good. It was good to see a big flight of blue wing teal come up the river too. Means fall is not that far behind.


09-04-2007, 10:19 AM
You talked of the fish nosing up behind the fly, that's what we saw last week. Some would start to suck the fly down, then kind of whoosh it back out to the surface. It's cool to watch, but frustrating as well. I'd never see fish do that before, had you?

09-04-2007, 02:48 PM
We weren't out long. I took my three year old daugher and my wife out for an afternoon float. This was my three year olds first float on the Hi in the drifter. She has done the Clinch a couple of times, but not the Hi. We stopped by Hiwassee Preserve and talked shop while my daughter fed the fish in the pond there. She got a kick out of that.

We put in around 1 o'clock amongst a flotilla of rafts and yaks. We ventured over to the opposite side of the ramp and fished the weed beds. I was trying to get my daughter her first trout. I loaded up her Princess rod with a lead shot and a wet fly. Then I would cast it, give some slack then let it swing as she held onto it. She got a couple of bumps but getting a hook set with a 2ft stiff rod is a little bit difficult. She did get to see a Bald Eagle that landed in a tree just down from us. I was able to position the boat just below it in the water. It was about 30 feet above us. It was beautiful, and huge. It then flapped it massive wingspan flew into another tree where it landed in the same tree that a Blue Heron was in, but the Blue Heron did not move a muscle. It just stood there motionless. I am not sure if a Eagle would take down a Blue Heron or if it is even considers such a thing a meal. But it was obvious that the Blue Heron was not going to reveal itself until that Eagle move on.

We later had a picnic out in the boat just below Colonel's Island in the shade. I rigged up her rod with a small black wooly booger and it too got a couple of hits, but unless they hooked themselves it just wasn't gonna happen. So I let her take the oars with me just below Fox's cabin. I let her help me drop Fox's shoals. She got a kick of helping me row the boat.

I had a couple of trout do the exact same thing yesterday as far as refusals went. One swam up, went to sip it in, but before the fly ever touched his mouth it had already spit it and turned away. Then I had a couple that would come up look at it and flat out follow it right at the surface, then slowly swim away. It was cool to see but nerve racking. The little boogers are becoming educated.

None the less it was a good way to spend a Labor Day.

09-05-2007, 07:44 AM
For whatever reason, summertime seems to be when I see refusals like that the most. I was using about a # 8 hopper. Maybe too big? I hooked some eight inch fish with it, so.......
There were a few fish that I saw rising slowly to something small, but I kept the hopper on.