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Flying Trout
09-05-2007, 05:38 PM
I have a buddy thats family just bought land on the Elk River in TN. I know there are trout in the river but that is about it. Can someone give me how far down they run in the river. Is this a year round fishery? What other species are there? We would just like to know if it is a worthwhile trip and when to take it. I would hate to go down there to a tailwater with not much to offer. My buddy does not get the opportunity to fish often. Thanks for any info.

09-05-2007, 05:51 PM
Flying trout:

There are a couple of people who post on this board fairly regularly about the Elk and they can probably help you better than me. I bet if you used the "search" button up above for Elk River you could get a lot of info.

My experience with tailwaters is limited to the Elk, the Toccoa in Georgia, and the Hiwassee. It is nothing like the other two and cannot be fished safely with any generation. I've "heard tell" of folks fishing pockets of slow water that form in normally dry areas when the water is up, but I've never tried it. You cannot boat the river when it is generating.

I floated from the dam to the Ferris Creek takeout near Lexy Crossroads once. With the water off, there were long stretches of very slow water with virtually no current. It was deep and clear, and you could see some big fish as you floated over them. You can also fish down to Old Dam Ford. I think I read recently that water temperatures were getting warm that far down the river.

Mostly, I fish from the dam down past a big bend in the river that you can't miss. Most of the likely looking runs hold fish. There are some good size ones in the bend and there is a sand bar that runs almost to the middle of the bend that you can fish off both sides. The river is stocked regularly and fishes decent year round. The stretch from the dam to the bend gets pounded pretty hard by fishermen of all kinds. So, some days you will catch fish and others you will get skunked. Going during the week helps your odds.

Tim's Flies and Lies in Lynchburg posts a fishing report fairly regularly. So, you might search for it to see what fish are hitting recently.

Good luck.


09-06-2007, 12:18 PM
This is web address should get you to Tim's Fly Shop.

I recently floated from Ferris Creek to Old Dam Ford. Caught 35 rainbows and 2 browns. Nothing over 13 inches, but all fun to catch.
As Robert said, you can see some really big fish in the section from the dam down to Ferris Creek. Also, from the dam to the first bend is usually a mad house on the week end.

The river is a year round fishery and is stocked regularly. I would guess that trout can be caught from the dam to at least 10-12 river miles downstream. Check with Tim to get a better number than this. If you float, it is definitely a worthwhile trip.