View Full Version : East Prong report 9/14

09-16-2007, 01:01 PM
I didn't have much time to fish and with the east prong being where I usually get took to school I wanted to give it a shot. I started just past the last bridge before Elkmont. I first tried a yellow adams with no luck. I saw several fish retreat under the rocks so I switched over to a 15 foot leader and tried a regular adams. I managed 1 small one to the hand and had several come take a look but no cigar. Then the rain hit again. It was coming in buckets at times. I moved to nymphs and had success right off the bat. I landed 1 11 inch bow that almost caused a 3 car pile up. I had several other good fish hooked but they came off. I did see one good fish laying in a deep ER hole that I would guess around 20 or so. He wasn't interested in anything but he's logged in the memory bank. I landed 8 fish I believe and two were caught on the same cast on a double rigged nymph. Pretty wild I thought. The beavers are working on a dam up there as well. I did see something surprising. When I got out to walk around the beaver pond I came across some bear crap and it was full of corn. Like feed corn not human food corn. Wonder where that came from?? The otters are also at work up there. I couldn't count the number of crayfish parts and droppings I saw on the bank and rocks. An interesting fact about otters is they can eat up to half their own body weight everyday. I also landed 3 bottles and 2 bud light cans, 4 miller cans, 1 beast can, 3 water bottles, and 1 big cup walked back down the road.