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09-17-2007, 08:27 AM
Headed up to the South Holston on Sunday morning despite that fact that I have a pretty good upper respiratory bug going right now (try convincing you wife that fishing is good for a cold, but staying home and working on the house is bad...). Anyway I hit the river downstream from the Weir about 7:30 and caught the water as it was falling. Fishing was very good with a sulphur dry and a #18 olive midge dropper. I really feel that I get more hits with a combo as the trout come up to check out the dry and then bite the nymph as a consolation. This may be entirely my imagination though. I caught about 6 and missed many more in a couple of hours. By 10 the river was packed and becoming more so, so I headed down river near Big Springs and Old Weaver and caught a few more fish (all 'bows), this time on a tellico nymph (w rubber legs).

It was a great morning and as I headed out I drove along 44 to Bluff City. How far does the trout fishing run down that way? Does it go all the way to the lake? There is some nice looking water down there.

Finally, I can now grugdingly confirm that fishing is not the cure for the common cold as it clings to me still....

09-17-2007, 12:25 PM
It seemed to work for my ear infection. I had a swollen eardrum with a middle ear infection which drained into my sinuses and put me out of work for about 7 days. Nothing some wet wading in the Caney wouldn't fix.

It could have been the shot the nurse gave me that almost broke my leg is why the cold water felt so good. Almost finished up with the antibiotics, but I sure did have some good float trips with LRM.

The bug takes about 5-6 days to go away or about 5-6 days if you go get a shot. Me.... I chose the shot that was accompanied by a doctor's excuse from work. Note: Results may vary:biggrin: