View Full Version : straight creek

09-25-2007, 12:57 PM
anyone know how straight creek looks --water level,temp etc.

David Knapp
09-25-2007, 04:40 PM
Assuming you mean Straight Fork, as of last weekend it was quite low but the water temps were fine in the low 60's... I didn't fish it so can't say how the fishing was...

09-25-2007, 09:24 PM
Plateau Angler beat me to it...while I haven't seen it since last month, I will say that Straight Fork seemed to hold its own through the worst of this drought. We fished it quite a bit this summer, and since this summer was the first chance I had to fish it, I can't really say how much lower it was from "normal" summer levels. It does look like a stream that can carry a lot of water during rainy periods. We always found it to have a nice flow, particularly when compared to some of the streams on the Tennessee side, and I never got a temperature above 63. It has a decent canopy - in fact, it can get quite dark from the shade in places. It has a wide variety of water types, from classic pools/riffles/runs to plunge pools if you go up far enough. Along the road, you stand a very good chance of catching all three species - I'm relatively new to trout fishing, and I managed to get a slam in one day back in July on this stream. I've actually caught far more browns and brookies here than rainbows, but that might be a product of how I fish. While I caught brookies along the road, your odds for a spec go up greatly if you wade up the stream (there are no trails at this point) upstream from the bridge, near where the road becomes one way.

We went up a fair ways above the bridge one day this summer, but we just scratched the surface in terms of exploring. Look at a map - it goes way up the ridgeline, and has several feeder streams. That is probably why Straight Fork weathered the drought better than other streams. I heartily recommend it, and I plan on fishing it in Fall conditions next month.