View Full Version : Elk River 9/26

09-27-2007, 11:27 AM
Fished the Elk for the first time in a while yesterday. Upon arrival, I was told that they stocked last week. Fish were stacked up right below the bridge.

Nymphs were the key. I caught a few on a parachute BWO emerger, but mostly got looks and refusals. My fishing buddy had a red zebra nymph around size 18 or 20. I tied on a black zebra below the emerger and started catching fish on virtually every cast. After breaking off the black, I tied on a small green hotwire prince nymph with the same results. Later, a small green zebra also did the trick. Prior to tying on the nymphs, I tried almost every type of dry fly in the box to see if I could provoke more takes instead of looks. But, nothing else even got the looks.

The river is in pretty bad shape and needs some releases. There was lots of algae/didymo? in the water. As you moved downstream, it became a real problem. A couple of times, it fouled my line below my feet. Then, I would work on the line and cause a rat's nest as the fly wrapped around the rod.

We moved down to the turn hole, where the fish weren't as active. I switched to a big wooly booger and stripped it through the hole to catch a couple more, but regularly had to clear the goop off of the fly.

We caught well over 20 fish each and lost count of the number caught. Several were decent size fish in the 12 to 13 inch range.