View Full Version : Cumberland River Wow!

10-03-2007, 12:19 PM
Spent all day on the Cumberland river below wolf creek ****. Saw some cream midges with olive bodies probably a size 26-28 coming off early in the morning. Didn't have much to match that hatch with so I tied on a 20 BWO.
and a small blood worm dropper no luck. Started changing to alot of different fly patterns but did manage to get one on the dropper. About 1030ish they pulsed one enerator and I got off river being used to Caney fork but learned I could wade out about 20fy into current.Tied on a yellow wet fly and started casting down and across swinging the fly just below the surface almost in the skim.Thefish loved it. Caught appx. 10-15 using that tactic. When generators kicked off fish stayed very active hitting a dry ant pattern and the telico nymph dropper i used to fish the rest of the day. Was a great day on one fabulous river. Hope those fish hold over with the low water cond. up there.