View Full Version : have ever seen one of these in the park?

10-04-2007, 12:48 AM

i hiked up to a brook trout creek in the Cumberland Gap Nat. Park sunday and found this in the creek. the part of the creek that can be fished is in a WMA and is bordered on the top of the mountain with the park, which can't be fished on.

i wasn't sure where i was and assumed that i was in the park and started back out. but a check of a more detailed map showed i had another 3/4 mile i could have fished. i asked a park ranger if he knew of the meter (he didn't) and the state f&w has come up empty.

does anybody know anything about these things and if the park service or other agency would be using them?

i would like to go back but i don't want to mess anything up. the water was real low, as a matter of a fact the meter was 6" out of the water above a small pool. i didn't touch anything and back out, bad thing was the fishing was getting better (well the water was atleast more fishable than the giant canyon i had just walked up beside.




10-04-2007, 01:44 AM
It's a water quality sampling tool! More than likely put there by the Park Service and should have been appropriatley tagged as such! I would imagine its completly wireless and transmits data to where ever!

Here's the link to your interesting find. https://www.ysi.com/portal/page/portal/YSI_Environmental/Products/Product_Family/Product?productID=EMS_SON00_6600V2

That one in particular is their most expensive model by the looks of things! So I would bet on it being the Park Service's..

KEWL PICS...Almost as good as some fish!:rolleyes: