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10-05-2007, 11:19 AM
Just a quick warning to you guys.

This was just released from a TWRA spokesman.

"The TWRA has opened a new hunting season, going into effect on October 4th - 9th.

Beginning on October 4th, Tennessee Hunters can begin open stalking and harvesting of bulldogs.

A TWRA biologist has determined that populations of Bulldogs from the south have infested N.Georgia and are starting to spill over into Tennessee. As a precaution and to avoid a downright infestation, we've (TWRA) has decided to allow open harvesting of bulldogs.

The fall season is the typical time of the year for the bulldogs to rut. That is, be in a rut. This includes trying to annoy all the good folks around them, they also have been known to drink all our local beer and to eat all of our local BBQ.

To combat the temporary infestation, we're going to allow Tennessee Resident Hunters to remove up to 15 bull dogs per license. There are a few limits in place and you can only hunt for bulldogs that are over 6 months of age. Bulldogs under 6 months of age cannot be harvested, however, they can be trapped and held, in which time they will undergo an extensive rehabilitation program.

All other bulldogs must fall under one of the following classifications: (1) Wearing something red. (2) Smiling at somebody who is wearing something red. (3) Cheering for somebody who is wearing something red. (4) Unwillingness to bow down and admit their inferiority. (5). Driving a vehicle with any bulldog propaganda on it. (6) Not being properly leashed at all times.

All other bulldogs must be checked with local checking stations to see if we can add more classifications to the list.

IF one plans to be out hunting this weekend, it's a good idea to wear plenty of orange to help identify you in the woods and the streets as a volunteer dog remover.

Only you can help prevent bulldog infestation!

David Boone Crockett (TWRA canine enforcement dvision)"

Gosh, you guys should be very careful this weekend.......You might want to wear pink just to be on the safe side. :)

10-09-2007, 11:50 AM
I think TWRA has since called it off shortly after opening the early season! It's to my understanding The hunters killed the bull dogs. So much for the rut!

I know one person in particular that will be a little miffed about it!

Great appropriate post! I laughed a time or two!