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I spent the past week in Las Vegas, and had one free day to fish. Drove up to Southern Utah, to Beaver, Utah in the Fish Lake National Forest. A road runs along the stream all the way up to this this cool high meadow at 8800' elevation. I was surprised not to see any elk. I didn't fish that high up , although I'd been recommended to try a small creek up there. Used a 2-wt and started with a #16 Elk Hair Caddis. Also used a Stimmie/dropper a bit, caught everything on the dropper, #16 pheasant tail. All in all, caught 8-10 fish, browns and 'bows, no cutts. These were all in the 9-10" range. Had one on briefly that seemed larger, maybe 12". Took a water temp, 45 degrees at what I'd guess was about 8000' elevation, was surprised the fish were so active at that temp.

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Photos didn't work, but am looking forward to them when you can get them posted.

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If you use the " webaddress format it will work."

Here is the first one from the string:

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Yep, that's one of my photos. Don't know what you did, or what I need to do to fix the others.


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I may have figured it out. Failed to re-size to 75%, sorry. I've edited my orignal post to show the shots Jeffnless didn't fix for me. Thanks for the help.