View Full Version : Watauga camp closed

Gerry Romer
10-09-2007, 12:52 PM

You heard right. There's a campground on Smalling Rd. just above the Smalling bridge that "Closed for the Season" on Sept. 6th. This park used to be "open" year 'round. All you had to do to gain access to the river just below Caddis Riffle was write your car tag number on an envelope, stuff $5 in it and slip it in the box.

Those days are apparently gone. We tried to find out what had happened from a couple local guys. One of them is a Realtor out of Johnson City and he was surprised to hear that it was closed. He drove over to check it out and made a few phone calls. Seems the campground was sold a little over two eeks ago to a guy from Atlanta (I think his name was Pressman) and there's no word yet what plans he has for the Campground. There's a possibility he'll take it private.

Sorry for the bad news.