View Full Version : Noland Creek or Deep Creek

10-10-2007, 08:40 AM
Has anyone fished/hiked/camped on Noland Creek lately? There haven't been any reports on the website and I'm thinking about hiking in and doing some fishing. Probably will stay at CS#65

Had thought about Deep Creek CS#60, as an alternative. Any opinions/advice?

10-10-2007, 04:38 PM
I fished both creeks last Monday,Tuesday and Wed. I stayed at Deep Creek campground. I fished Noland Monday about a mile up from the parking lot and on Tuesday I went to Deep Creek. After about 3 hours on Deep Creek I got to thinking about Noland and packed up and went back there. I fished #14 elk hair caddis and #16 parachute adams and had a great time and caught some fish. All rainbows. Did nothing on Deep Creek.

10-12-2007, 05:57 PM
Hiked up Noland Creek Trail to Campsite #65 (Bearpen Branch) on Wednesday afternoon and spent a chilly night in a great backcountry campsite with my two sons. For anyone thinking about taking a nice trip into the backcountry, I would highly recommend Noland Creek. It is a great place to take a family. The campsite was only 1.3 miles from the parking lot on a very easy trail, and it had nice level areas to pitch a tent with firegrates and picnic tables. The only downside that we found, was that there wasn't alot of downed firewood within .2 miles of the campsite, so we had to hoof it to collect some wood. The overnight temp dropped down to 40 so we definitely needed all the wood we could find.

I wasn't able to do any fishing, but from what I could tell (and what T-Mac had to say) it looks like Noland Creek is much better off than Deep Creek right now (and both are infinitely better than LR, and maybe even better than WPLP). I'm planning to head back up to Noland Creek either tomorrow or Sunday and will post a report afterwords.

Here are a few pics from the camping trip:
From the First Bridge on Noland Creek

About a mile up the trail from the TH

The Trail up to the campsite

Campsite #65