View Full Version : South Holston-Watauga 10-14

10-14-2007, 09:34 PM
Hello folks,

Myself and Hans headed to Far East TN today to fish the S. Holston and the Watauga. Hans has delegated the fishing report duties to your truly, I will try to tell the "whole truth and nothing but the truth", LOL. We got to the parking area on Soho below the weir dam around 8:30 am, we proceeded up to weir, suprisingly there was only one spin fisherman around the weir, and he quit shortly after we arrived. The action was slow at first, this was my first time on the Soho, and Hans hadn't fished it for around 5 years. We really didn't have too many small flies since we both tend to fish the mountains more than the technical tailwaters. I'll cut to the chase, me and Hans both caught four-five fish around the weir, all bows, ranging from 7-11 inches. I was using a size 16 copper john and later switch to a 14 orange partridge soft hackle. We took a little break, then we fished the area below the spillway. The action started to pick up before the water rose, we both caught some browns in this section, my largest being around 12", all on the soft hackle. Midges and some sulfurs were coming off the whole time we fished. We both ended up with 9 fish a piece before breaking for lunch around 1:00 pm. We decided to head to Elizabethton for lunch and fish the Watauga by the ball field. The action was a little slower on Watauga at first for me, Hans did better. Hans got a slam there, I caught 2 brookies (7-8") and one fat bow that was 11-12". There were quite a few blue wing olives coming off, size 16, but the fish weren't real active on the surface. I caught all my fish here on a 14 copper john. All in all, it was a great day on the water, especially since neither of of had much experience on these waters. I definetly what to get back that way again before winter sets in, it was nice to get some action after we did poorly in the Park last Sunday. Sorry for the long report, maybe Hans will take over the duties next time after he reads this doozie. I'll post some pics I took on the picture board.