View Full Version : Gaintfish First trout on a fly, dad got skunked.

10-22-2007, 08:03 PM
Came up thurs evening and set up camp at Elkmont. Most have been 50mph winds all night, then it started raining around 4am till 8am. We headed for the Little River with high hopes after the rain. I was going to go in about 3miles, but decided not to after seeing how low the water was. The rain made little if any differance in the river level. Tough fishing, mke one mistake and the run or hole went dead. And I made several mistakes, on top of Gaintfish being green, that made for rough fishing. I had 4 on and lost all four, missed about 18-20 takes. There are plenty of fish to be had, you just have to be up on your skills. If the drift is not exact you could hang it up. And for some reason the wind knot gremlens was attacking my leaders, I haven't had wind knots for a couple of years. Where is Lefty when you need him? I was replacing my 2nd leader when Gaintfish started yelling. "Whats wrong now? I have my own problems. I thought to myself" Catching my breath "What!" "I caught a Fish!!!" "What a creekchub?" "No a Rainbow!" sure enough he had a 3-4" rainbow. To him it was a GaintFish:biggrin: I then decided to head on up a miles or so. Gaintfish gave me kind of a sheepish look. "don't you want to fish any more?" "My leg Kind of hurts and I think I hurt it again." DAD PANICS NOW! I could hear my wife, You took him fishing and broke his leg again!!! "But if hurts in a differant spot and not bad." Dad sighs in relief. Back to camp an advail later all is good. Went to LRO And Daniel replace the flyline on Gaintfish reel. Dinner campfire bed. How could it get any better? But only 3hrs fishing.
Went about 1/3 of the way up West Prong of the Little Pigon. Smae as the day before. Plenty of chances but lack of timing and skill kept the count to 0.
Hiked back to the road to head a little higher up. NO WAY!!!! The traffic was standing still and didn't move the whole time I was loading the truck. A wreck near New Found Gap. Change of plans Greenbiar. Took me 30min get from where I was to Gatlinburg. Then the traffic realy slowed down. Decide to U turn and head back to Elkmont. Lunch, Nap, Fish LR again. Same reults. 4 hrs total fishing.
Decided to go to Cataloochee Sunday. I have never Fished Rough Creek. And as of today I still haven't. Wow talk about low water. Tried a couple holes. Put the flyrods up got the chairs out and waited on the Elk. Well worth the trip. What bueatiful Creature.

There are fish to be caught. I got Skunked. My skill level is a little below where it needs to be to catch them in this low of water. But I had a great time with my son and that is all that matters.

Went lro and had Daniel Replace the Flyline on Gaintfish's reel.

10-22-2007, 08:34 PM
hey Giantfish.......CONGRADULATIONS :cool:

I bet you are really hooked now, that first trout on a fly rod is something you'll always remember. And when you dad is old and decrepid (just kidding Vern) you will look back to that fish and have some wonderful memories.
Did you get to take any pics?


10-22-2007, 09:18 PM
Way to go Giantfish. Vern, I know you are a proud papa...

I hope to have as good of luck when me and cardfly jr. make our trip down. Pat Gaintfish on the back for us.

10-23-2007, 07:20 PM
Thanks! I didn't even know I had one until it hopped off the hook, had to pick it up, and called Dad. Ya it was big, I finally out fished him too. Climbing those giant bolders is what hurt my foot, not my leg. Had a nice time, and the tent was nice too. Elk are neat, but a torture of a ride, and bumpy roads. Thanks.

10-23-2007, 07:29 PM

Whenever I take my son fishing, he always outfishes me (last time 5 to 2). I'm convinced he has better fishing instincts than me. Whenever I go by myself, I have great luck, a couple of times this summer in double digits. My son is really starting to suspect those reports from my solo trips - seems I never can repeat when he's there as a witness.

Congrats on joining the support group of trout addicts. It's not only the trout that got caught on your trip, trust me.:biggrin:

10-23-2007, 08:32 PM
Congratulations y'all...we were up there at the same time you were, and the conditions weren't easy. I didn't even try to fish Cosby - it was so low, I just didn't want to. The fish are feeding - I even saw some rising to natural insects, but they weren't exactly hitting hard, so don't feel bad. I ended up with 8 rather small fish over a day and a half of fishing, and I missed so many strikes it was pathetic. I even had one trout follow my fly, inspect it, then refuse it - never had that happen before in the Smokies.