View Full Version : Clear Creek Trout

10-28-2007, 10:04 AM
didn't make the park this fall for vacation due to drought and an emergency at home......so I tried a new spot for me in S.E. Ohio, Clear Creek Metro Park has stockers and I needed to catch some trout! I think I threw everything I could think of at them with not even a nibble....then I found a #14 tellico nymph I had tied after reading one of Plateau Anglers posts so I tied that on. After dead drifting two casts I hit the bow and the very next cast was the brownie in the same hole....end up getting 5 to hand and felt a little bit better about not getting vacation (it is still not the Smokies)......guess I will have to explore this stream a bit more as I can be there in a little over 2 hrs.