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milligan trout degree
10-29-2007, 01:09 AM
I got to fish the wataug for about four hours today around Harding Bridge. I fished with an 18 BWO and a 20 black zebra midge. I caught a small bow within the first five minutes on the midge. Within twenty minutes I had the same fish rise to the bwo three times on three consecutive casts and just completely miss the fly altogether. I began to wonder if it was actually going at my fy or something else, but it didn't rise when I didn't cast. He eventually gave up. The action picked up on the bwo later into the evening down below the bridge. I landed 15 bows, and 1 brown (which jumped atleast fives times. prob. more. it was a really fun fish. about ten inches, but fun). I pulled an ldr on four other fish, and missed the hookset on what I counted to be eight other fish. One of them a really nice bow. Which leads me to my question of the day.

I only missed one or two hooksets with the midge. I always do pretty well with hooksets when nymphing, but the dries are a different story. Is this because with the nymphs, there is a slight delay of strike indication and hookset? Because when I see the strike on the dry, I immediately set the hook. I'm guessing maybe I should be a little more patient give the fish a chance to close it's mouth.

Anway, it was good day fishing. Great weather, had the river almost to myself. Caught plenty of fish. I'm ready to go again.

ps. Thanks to LRO for helping me select some fly tying materials/equipment for getting started. I've had a lot of fun learning to tie, and all the fish caught today were on flies I tied. Great stuff. I appreciate it.