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11-09-2007, 06:27 PM
anyone know how much trout numbers were affected by the drought of "07"

11-09-2007, 06:46 PM
Very good question, and luckily, i have a good answer from someone that is qualified. I actually believe that byron mentioned something about this during a fishing report recently.

Anyways, a friend emailed matt kulp recently with some fishing questions and this very topic came up. Mr. Kulp answered by saying that the only group that had any real problems were the adult rainbows. Here is a quote about this topic:
"Many of the low elevation (<2,000 feet) rainbow trout populations have declined by as much as 50&#37; due to the crowding for already limited food sources due to the drought. Brown trout and mid to high elevation brook trout densities remain stable despite drought conditions. In fact, despite the severe drought and depleted fish densities, fishermen are still good numbers of these fish."

He also mentioned that the young rainbows have fared well. On a recent trip to deep creek, we managed to catch some very nice sized rainbows and even saw one huge one, but we were at about 2,500' elevation. I hope this helps.

Also, i would like to thank matt kulp (don't know if he reads this), but he has been very helpful with his answers to our questions. So if you read this, thanks alot!