View Full Version : Clinch River 11/9

11-10-2007, 11:59 AM
Managed to get out to the river yesterday. The wind was whipping and there were no hatches coming off. I saw absolutely no risers where I was at, and I went fishless for the first hour and a half. I threw all of the standard clinch river flies with no success. My wife needed me to be back home by a certain time because of family coming into town, so my time was drawing short. So I tied on an olive slumpbuster and stripped it in some deep runs and managed to land 3 and miss around half a dozen in about 30 minutes. The fish were darting at the fly and short striking. Next time I go, I may just start out with the slumpbuster. I was having some difficulty throwing the big streamer on my 4-wt with the heavy wind, so I may have to take the 6-wt next time. Even though I only landed 3 fish, I managed to get 1 bow, 1 brown, and 1 brookie for my first slam on the Clinch. That was the first time I ever caught a brookie on a streamer. No pics from today, I need to ask for a waterproof camera for Christmas ;) . The brown I caught although not large was very brightly colored, and somewhat chunky. I wonder if it was preparing for an attempted spawn.


11-10-2007, 12:32 PM
I fished the clinch thursday during the last hour til dark and got absolutely skunked. not even a strike. I did come upon some large fish in very shallow water (less than a foot). their tails, and occasionally their dorsal fin would break the surface. it was as if they were at a 45 deg angle, face to the bottom, and their tail kept coming out of the water. I'm not sure if they were feeding, rooting around on the bottom, spawning or what, but I repeatedly passed a double midge rig w/ 7x flouro over them with no takes, and they never spooked and moved. anyway, these fish were around the 20" range in my estimate. as I was walking out, I spooked many fish that left massive wakes as they swam off. from the wakes, it looked as if an alligator or something huge was swimming under the surface.

edit: after reading aa's post on another thread, it's quite possible these fish could have been carp. it was almost dark out, so I couldn't see too well, but that face down, tail up business sounds like carp. but who knows could've been monster browns it's also become apparent that I was probably stomping all through the redds. sorry