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11-11-2007, 11:12 PM
i know this is not about trout streams,but i didnt know where else to go,anyway,i do pretty good casting with nymphs and other larger flys,but i like to fish small flys on top and have trouble getting my leader to straighten out.i use 5 or 6x leader and 6 or 7x tippet.it seems to all land all together.can anyone lend me some advise.i`m a self tought flycaster and havent anyone to explain this to me.thanks

Hugh Hartsell
11-12-2007, 06:46 AM
You are a brave man to bring up the subject that haunts every guide, on every trip that he will do this year. This is, by far, the biggest problem that every guide, and every client faces, when they arrive on the stream. I can personally attest to the fact that 99% of the people that I guide through the year, have need of improving their casting and mending skills. I could tell you what is probably causing your problem, as could lots of other guides, but you would probably not be able to comprehend it and put it into action on the stream. Neither could most others who are reading this. The best and only sure way to correct what is really happening is to get a good instructor to watch you cast and work with you until you get the problem corrected. It will not happen by someone just saying: do this, or this! Or, don't do this! It will come by having a qualified person to watch your casting techniques and showing you what you are doing wrong. Translating this into correct casting techniques, will then take several hours and possibly several trips on the stream to break old habits and reform new proper methods. It takes time and lots of follow up to mold the mind and muscle contol to the point of, the art of casting to become "a feel", rather than a thought process. The end result will become "a feel," that all the senses recognize. We have all seen the end result at some time, as we watched a person who has the proper casting techniques down and it flows as something that is "pure art." If there is something that I could say to everyone who feels like they have a problem with casting when they are on the stream, it would be to get some good casting instructions. It may take more than one lesson, but it will pay off more than ten fold. Good luck on the stream.
Hugh Hartsell---East Tn.

11-12-2007, 08:39 AM
dang Hugh, you took all the fun out of it for the other 32 of us to tell Dalefish how to cast:biggrin:
I agree with what ya said though, one thing that bothered me in the question was adding the the 6 or 7X tippet, if you add to much(long) it will have an effect on turning even the smallest fly over. The best casters will have a problem with that, especially with a lil wind.


11-12-2007, 10:01 AM
i'll second grumpy on both accounts. hugh's post was great and if you've got a new or fairly new leader you don't need to add tippet. Alot of guys show up on a trip with me and one of the first things i ask is "let me see your leader" and alot of guys have the misconception that you need to add tippet to a new leader. i explain that a new leader has a "tippet section" to it. that the last 1 1/2' to 3' non-tapered section of a new leader is the tippet section and you don't have to add tippet until you use up the tippet section tying on flies, getting nicks,frayed etc. i see guys who have a new leader with 3 feet of tippet tied on it, as grumpy said, hard to turn over 6 feet of tippet especially into the wind . also you have an knot you don't need in 6x or 7x line that weakens it farther. if you start with a 6x leader and add a section of 7x tippet you better have a good drag if you hook up with any decent fish or you'll break off

Flat Fly n
11-12-2007, 02:06 PM
"Acceleration and then sudden Deacceleration"....to put it quite simply. You have got to bend the rod to "load" the rod is what I have learned in over 27 years. I never broke one casting, just falling on them!!!

Get every book by that guy on casting and read it until your eyeballs bulge and then go and cast in your yard until your hands blister and the neighbors complain.

11-12-2007, 09:09 PM
the cast must come to a stop,back and forward, stop on the forward cast above the water so your leader and tippet have a chance to unroll before falling to the water, longer the leader, longer time it takes , very soft tippet is hard to transfer energy to the fly in turn over it tends to pile. if you add tippet to a new leader buy 7.5 ft 3 or 4 x tippet add to this with tippet of choice. fly casting is much like slinging paint from a brush you must stop before the paint will travel forward or back . just my 2 cents

11-12-2007, 11:02 PM
15 years ago I used Orvis braided leaders. They turned over nicely, but picked up some spray. Many people do not like them. Some people rave about furled leaders and I don't see the big difference. I knot my leaders with bullfrog now, but I wouldn't have any objection to using braided leaders again. Just another option to help with turning over the leader. Having said that, there is no substitute for a deep bend in your rod. That load lays out that leader. Still working on that.

11-12-2007, 11:46 PM
thank you everyone.i think every one of you touched on a solution.i am guilty of adding tippet to a new leader because i have an addiction to flouro.going to 3x or 4x seems like a good idea to try also.this is another case in life that you never will know or know how to do everything.there`s always someone that can help.thank you everyone for your help.now back to the tellico river.anyone have any helpfull advise?our trip is coming up in less than two weeks and i`m getting some info.need to know what to start tying for there and the hiwassee.looking foward to getting back to tennessee.thank you everyone