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11-19-2007, 11:50 AM
I sure do hope Byron is right in that the future growth in Townsend can be done in a way that is both good for the residents and keeps the small town feel and "quite side of the Smokey's" atmosphere. My wife and I have been coming to Townsend for a number of years after we stumbled on the area on a side trip from Cades Cove. Piegon Forge and Gatlinburg are just horrible.

We were in the mountains two weeks ago with our church Bible study group. The woman who arranged the things got a chalet outside of Piegon Forge. We were in solid traffic from the Sievereville (spelling??) exit all the way to the turnoff on Dollywood lane. I didn't keep track of the time but I know it was over an hour to get from the exit to our turn off and that was not counting about 20 minutes in the Orvis store (disappointed in that experience, I did buy a couple dry flies and a spool of tippet) and about 30 minutes in Wally World to pick up some groceries for the weekend.

Sunday coming home, we went across Wears Valley road to Townsedn and on up through Alcoa and to Knoxville (ultimately heading to Florence KY). It may have been longer miles, but I know it cut an hour off our travel time.

So, back to Townsend, I like the area and I also understand the landowners and residents want to make a living and see the value of their property increase. I hope a balance can be found that will allow the residents to see those rises in property values and the local people be able to see their saleries increase while maintaining the peacefullness of the valley.


11-20-2007, 07:14 PM

As a life-long resident of Blount County, I share your sentiments. For years, Wears Valley was one of the most peaceful, beautiful places to visit. Through mis-management (actually, an apparent lack of any management) it is becoming just an extension of the Pigeon Forge tourista trap. They have managed to rape the hillsides to build cabins and line the once peaceful road with junk shops and gas stations.

While I acknowledge as you do that everyone needs to making a living and the Wears Valley property has become prime real estate, there's got to be a better way. I hope that Townsend learns well from the Wears Valley debacle and carefully plans/manages their growth.

Traditionally advertised as the "Peaceful side of the Smokies", I hope that long-cherished peace can be preserved.

Byron Begley
11-20-2007, 07:36 PM

You live in Maryville which is one of the nicest towns in the United States. Your Mayor, Joe Swan is a close friend of mine. He has been my mentor in business since I moved here. I told him yesterday in a meeting we had in Knoxville, "Joe, you are the best". And I mean it. He is one of the brightest people who looks at the big picture, he thinks and he leads. Joe has some ideas that would work but people who live in Tuckaleechee Cove need to come together and take action. They were all looking at me in the meeting because of all the people there, I was the only person who lives in Tuckaleechee Cove. I'm willing to work hard to keep our area from becoming another Wear's Valley, but I don't have the leadership skills or the time to take the lead. There are people out there who have money and power who don't want to see this area ruined. They are willing to invest money if they can be assured that won't happen. We need to find good leadership to do that. Townsend has a great group of people on the Commission and on the Planning Commission. But Townsend is a small dot in a big cove. Only around 250 people live in Townsend. There are thousands who live in Tuckaleechee Cove. Please get involved!


11-20-2007, 09:10 PM
I own a cabin in Sky Harbor. Sometimes when I drive through Wears Valley and some other areas around Pigeon Forge, I am ashamed to say I own one. At least in my area, they do not clear the mountains bald when building. I would like to sell my cabin and get something in Townsend, but I would want it to fit within the beauty of the place. I love it there. I wish I lived there on a full time basis. Anyone who lives there or in Maryville is truly a blessed person. Maybe some day I can write a book or two and move there.

11-21-2007, 11:30 AM
There are several of us from Maryville that you hear from regularly on this board, some like Art and me who grew up here and others who have found this area to be the place of all possible places to settle and live. If there is a way to get involved and affect the planning for Tuckaleechee Cove, I would like to hear about it and I'm sure others would as well. I would welcome a dialogue on what could be done. bartonca@hotmail.com