View Full Version : SoHo Trip

12-04-2007, 11:28 AM
I met up with some brothers from the Christian Fly Fishers last Saturday morning for some fellowship and fishing on the SoHo. We had breakfast while the dam generated for a couple of hours. We then all went down around the weir and below and waited for the water to drop off. To say it was crowded with anglers is an understatement. I knew it being such a beautiful day everyone would be out, but looking up and down the river as we fished, it reminded me of a bowling alley with people in lanes working their 100ft wide section of the river! Combat fishing, not my cup of tea. There were 8-9 of us fishing together that day and we all caught a few fish though nothing big. There are lots of 8-14" browns and the usual stocker bows. The really big fish were up by the weirs trying to spawn and stay away from the Cowboy fisherman and his wife who have a reputation of "snagging" them when no one is watching. We broke for lunch around 1pm and afterwards split up again and headed downriver for the afternoon. It was a great day to get together and meet and fish with some new friends. Looking forward to our next trip sometime in the Spring.