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12-05-2007, 01:40 PM
I'm reading your fishing report and surprised dad hasn't replied....JAVA has apparently done something to their sofware! An update probably prior to the release of Windows Vista!! That's my guess. Dad got a new computer just prior to or just at the release of Vista. I'm pretty regular with combatting viruses and frequently visiting the Windows Update Site! When I purchase a computer the first thing I do is make it capable of getting on the internet...Meaning I load the appropriate firewall and virus detection software...Then I spend about 8 hours visiting various sites downloading the latest driver's and frequently used software updates....Java being one of those programs....JAVA is everywhere anymore! The only thing I can reccomend is to apply the link to your fishing report as a possible fix for the slide presentation!! Chances are with the recent download it should fix your problem...We've been having the same issue at work!


Any who hope that helps! A simple download was the fix for work!


Gerry Romer
12-05-2007, 05:36 PM
Windows apparently has a glitch with Macromedia's Flash Player. I had a problem with an HP laptop that continually degraded until it got to the point that I couldn't even access many websites. The final straw was when My bank added Flash content to their website and I could no longer access online banking. I took the laptop back to Best Buy and ultimately they had to install a new hard drive and OS. Flash content works fine on it now.

I did have a "burp" yesterday that threw me off. After clicking on New Posts at the message board home page, the page began to transition and froze when it started loading the Flash content. I had to back out completely and access the home page from My Favorites folder before it would go through. It was very slow and nearly hung up a second time. That's when I realized it was the lousy DSL router and not your website.

Which leads me to the next suspect... DSL vs Broadband. I've got broadband at home and have never experienced any difficulties with your site (aside from the old Windows glitch). At work I'm putting up with a BellSouth DSL connection that is, at best, questionable. So maybe the issue is with the ISP?? -- not yours, theirs.


Byron Begley
12-05-2007, 07:01 PM
Fishermanfly and Gerry,

Are you seeing the slideshows on the message board and the Online Catalog? You probably are because you guys are on top of things. We don't use Internet Explorer here so we had old versions on the PC's. The slide shows were not showing up on Internet Explorer. They did fine on Firefox and Safari. I downloaded a new IE and the new flash player on an old PC laptop and now the slideshows are showing up on it. So I feel better. I do worry about the load time on the Online Catalog. Please let me know what you think. The goal there is to show a lot of product with the new gift buttons giving readers a choice in price ranges. Daniel and I have been working on these for days. We intend to change each slide show out every day or so. I wonder how many people are still using dial up. This flash stuff has got to be tough for them. I have friends who can't get high speed where they live out in the country. I hate to miss them on the site. It is big, not sleeping at night delima for me.

Thanks for your help.


12-05-2007, 09:26 PM
Yeah all these " Flash" sites are nice, but they are killer on dialup. I suffer daily at home, can't get broadband or DSL.

12-05-2007, 11:46 PM
Title aside...though lol! I would imagine it could potentially be a problem with the file transfer rate! Such as with most video players...If your computer is still on ol dial up, you will more than likely spend a good amount of time uploading it, catching the bird flu while in the middle of the file transfer and re start the process all over again if at all!

56k from a T1....wow that's a rediculous gap right now! http://www.ibeast.com/content/tools/band-calc.asp It's too late right now for me to even attempt to do the math, but I wonder the difference in the transfer rate ther's the calculator!! It's been forever since I've dialed up! I can only imagine it's impossible to download the pages that have pictures people have uploaded!! With todays camera's and their megapixels!

Byron, I will take a moment to tell you that you need to relax!!! You've invested a tremendous amount of time in the Little River Outfitters Empire, you are king and the king is allocated a break every now and again! So grab a rod and head to the stream sir! Oh shoot, I almost forgot the Queen definately gets to go to, and for that matter the royal knight as well! Seriously, I don't think this is an issue with a quick fix and I do see your dilema..Spending a tremendous amount of time relying on the internet to assist in selling of merchandise and I can only fatham what monies have been invested for it to mearly flop (not that I'm saying it is, but obviously your losing sleep over it)...You've definately got a good thing going and I understand the concern with even 1 customer not seeing the potential sold merchandise..Not seeing the merchandise certainly won't generate a sale! Not seeing the rolling signage with the classed and events doesn't bring folks through your door, and knowing you your not just worried about a sale but you're worried about the sport. Folks not seeing that info doesn't invite them through your door bringing new folks with them to embrace the sport.
I think it is an engenious idea making it the perfect size ticker to fit on every page, that's good web design....

Software, hardware conflicts.....Ahhhh yes, welcome to the World Wide Web!!!! Cheers!

Oh and Byron, if theres one thing I've learned over these short few years it's don't sweat the small stuff and admire what you have! You guys are awesome and you all have our support!