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12-06-2007, 12:10 PM
Has anyone had much experience/success fishing the Citico, Tellico, Bald or North Rivers in the winter months? I probably should put up my gear for the winter, but I just can't seem to do it...

I drove down by each of the streams this past week and only saw guys wearing orange with dogs. Has fishing stopped for the year? The DH section of the Tellico looks good, but the water temps are probably too low. Anyone fish it lately?

12-06-2007, 01:08 PM
Success is in the eye of the beholder.

If being outdoors, enjoying the scenery, and enjoying some solitude can be measured as success, then yes.....winter fishing can be great.

If you need to catch a lot of fish, then the winter fishing might not be that successful.

Those warm days we get dealt every now and then through the winter can see a lot more fish brought to hand...but in general, a lot of the fish will be slow and lethargic.

Overall, I'd say get out and go fishing.

12-10-2007, 10:40 PM
I've had some very good days on the upper North river in the winter months when the ice would clog up my rod guides. The Brookies take small nymphs at the tail end of pools readilly!!!

12-11-2007, 07:52 PM
Some of the best fishing i have done has been in the winter. In my experience when you find one fish in the winter you find quite a few. Now i dont know if the "hole up" in certain holes, and swim long distances to get there. But i believe that in the winter time they arent as territarial, and dont mind all being in the deepest best spot in a single hole. Take a thermos of coffee, and lots of small size 20 olive nymphs, and you'll be ready for action. If you end up fishing, let us know how you do!!

12-12-2007, 11:35 AM
With the temps we're having this week, i wishe i was closer:frown: