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12-09-2007, 01:26 AM
Hey Guys,
I am trying to expand my limited knowledge of fly-tying. when you are tying the RW, at what point do you tie the red floss on? I am having trouble getting the black thread, floss and peacock hearl all tied on with it looking like it should.
I tie my tail then the wing, then I will tie in the peacock hearl.... then what should be my next step?
Thanks for the help, it gets frustrating when you are close to getting it but I am getting stumped.
- Ben

12-09-2007, 01:04 PM
Take a look at this step by step for the Royal Wulff. It should help you with the sequence.


12-09-2007, 07:38 PM
Thanks for the link. I will know be able to consume all my time using this website. Now I have to get my laptop to my tying desk.
The website makes it look so easy.

12-10-2007, 02:19 AM
Remember there are always numerous ways to tie a particular pattern. Here is a less impressive site with a bit simpler method of tying the red band (and without the gold wire). http://www.theflybench.com/dryfly/fly0190.htm

Their main site is at: http://www.theflybench.com/dryfly/fly0190.htm

Here is another good site, as well: http://www.danica.com/flytier/index.html

And yes, there is a ton of info on many different sites so you might want to poke around on a few before starting on a new pattern. If nothing else you can then see a few different variations of the pattern you want to tie and pick the combination you like best.

Here's a little bit of help on the Royal Wulff. First a good rule of thumb: try to tie in the next material you need before you start wrapping the current material, so it will cover up your tracks as you go...

Assuming you have the wings and tail already completed; tie in the peacock, wrap the thread a little ways forward and tie in the red floss. Wrap the peacock to the band and tie off the hurl. Ignore the floss for a second and tie in the next peacock hurl [see rule of thumb] (or bring the first one forward of the band and tie it off - if you do this make sure you pull the floss out and away from the hurl wraps before wrapping the hurl and make sure you wrap fairly evenly or the band will be lumpy). Make sure your thread is near the end of the band. Wrap the floss to make the band. Tie off the floss past the start of the hurl. Tie in your hackle [rule of thumb again] and wrap the hurl forward to the hackle.

The key is to alway think a step or two ahead...I'm new at this as well, but thinking ahead seems to be the key (it has been for me at least...). Oh and practice, practice, practice. I took the intermediate flytying class at LRO on December 1st with Walter Babb, and it was great for not only the instruction but also for realizing new methods and approaches that could be adapted to all the flies I'm trying to tie.

Also, before you start tying, stage several flies worth of materials and then tie the same pattern a dozen times. By then end of the dozen you will be able to see a real difference. [That advice is taken straight from Walter and Brian Courtney...Thanks guys...I know Walter won't see this, but, thanks anyways!...]

Lastly, if you have any time to watch someone else tie I highly, highly recommend it. Its amazing how many little things you can pick up watching someone who knows what they are doing...and has an eye toward production tying.