View Full Version : Fishing Report vs. Tourism

12-11-2007, 12:36 AM

I for one like to check your reports often, even if I am not able to make it out to fish. And when I am able to make it out, I like to check your report to see what to expect.

But I also love fly fishing in the Smokies, because it puts me standing next to or in some of the most beautiful streams I have ever seen. When I was starting out I actually fished in the park for a year and a half without catching a thing. Thanks to some good advice from good folks like the LRO crew, fellow LRCTU members, and a few trips with Ross, it is rare that I do not catch something. But even on those rare occasions that I don't catch something, I still have spent some time in one of my favorite places in the world, a Smokey Mountain stream. I also prefer going through Townsend, so I can visit the shop, pet Dubbing, and see what I should be saving my money for. And for the other Townsend folk, I usually get a meal, and/or a snack while I'm in town. Townsend is definately the best entrance to the park.

Thank you all for being so good at customer service. That is lost at big stores. If I spend more than an hour at Bass Pro, its because I got lost. If I spend more than an hour at LRO, its normal.


12-11-2007, 12:08 PM
Amen to getting lost in Bass Pro. I find myself wondering through there not doing anything.
When I am at LRO I have a mission. My wife and youngest son are usually waiting in the car for my return with all kinds of goodies. My two year old knows where the suckers are kept and he follows me around pulling all the tying materials off the racks.
Last weekend I was finding tying materails for 45 min. when my wife came in wondering if I fell asleep because I took so long. I thought I had only been in there for 10-15 min. Oh well, I found what I needed and a little more.
LRO is one of the places that I love to just to go and walk through and listen to what is going on.
What a great place to be.