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12-13-2007, 12:45 AM
Fished the DH section of the Tellico today from about 11:30 to 5. Water temp was 53.6 (new digital thermometer!). It was overcast and a bit drizzly at times. The air temp started at 68 and dropped to about 62 by the time I left. I had hoped for some BWOs hatching, but no luck. Plus I'm not sure if the fish in the DH section look up, anyway.

Started at Campsite#1 and also fished near the Walnut Cove Picnic Area. Only managed to bring two rainbows to hand, a 10" and a 8". But also LDR two fish larger than any other I have ever even hooked before. I think they were both around 15" or 16". I watched the first one for a few minutes before casting to him and I actually pulled my #16 Tellico right out of his mouth on my first cast. I waited a few minutes before casting again and this time I waited until he took it before setting the hook. Unfortunately, I had been casting a #20 BWO Parachute with my 3wt on 6x tippet before spotting this fish and forgot to change my leader setup when I switched to the nymph. Needless to say the fight didn't last long on my 6x and after a spectacular leap, he rolled down under a ledge and snapped off my fly.

I was never able to coax him out again. I came back two other times later in the day, but nothing doing. Meanwhile I decided to switch from my 3wt to a 5wt and went up to a 4x on the tippet. I found another nice hole about 50yds upstream and immediately hooked the other big one. I thought I had him set well, but after a brief 15-20 second fight he came up and spat the fly at me and took off! :eek: I thought I had him set pretty well and kept good pressure on him. Unfortunately I think I only had raised the rod and never brought sideways pressure on him, so I probably never really had him hooked at all. Next time I'll try up and then sideways. I've never hooked any "bigger" fish before, so it was a new experience.

In general, the fishing was strange today; I caught the two fish and lost the other two in a window of about 30 minutes and then never had another strike. There are some really good looking spots and I did manage to spook some fish near Walnut Cove, but I could never interest them again. Some days I guess its just like that. Anyway, a great learning experience and the opportunity to fish in December made it all worthwhile.

Maybe now I'll be done for the year..............:rolleyes:

Gerry Romer
12-13-2007, 02:42 PM
Unfortunately I think I only had raised the rod and never brought sideways pressure on him, so I probably never really had him hooked at all. Next time I'll try up and then sideways.

Nice report, thanks. Sounds good for this time of year and the conditions I've seen on the Tellico recently.

Interesting point about your hookset.. probably make for good discussion her or in another thread.

I've come across this in two different books lately. Both authors (I'll have to look them up and add them later) stress setting the hook with a sidearm motion rather than an upward pull. I remember the statement that since most hooksets were in the corner of the trout's mouth, setting the hook sidearm and applying sideways pressure would guarantee a better hookup. Further, they both stated that it's better for both the fisherman and the fish if you play the fish in sideways. I remember one offering an analogy of walking the dog... something like it's easier to turn the dog in the direction you want it to go by applying sideways pressure with the leash than by trying to direct it by pulling up.

Be interested to hear other's thoughts on the best way to hookset and play/work a fish to hand.


12-21-2007, 10:09 PM
There is an article by Ted Leeson in the Nov/Dec issue of Fly Rod and Reel on the issue of landing trout in which he recommends using the side arm method to play and land fish.

I have had more success by setting the hook with an quick upward motion and then keeping the rod horizontal to play and bring the fish to hand.

As Gerry noted, it would be interesting to hear the technique others use.