View Full Version : first trip to the Hiwassee

12-29-2007, 08:03 PM
Well, made my first trip to the Hiwassee today, which is pretty rediculous being that i only live 45 minutes away. I made the mistake of first going up spring creek Rd. I thought that would take me all the way to the power house... It didn't. So I parked where the road crosses the railroad tracks, and I walked up aways. There was actually some really nice water there, however it was the olor of chocolate milk due to the stream that also feeds in there from off the mountain.

I ended up going back to 411 and up Rt 30, and I stopped at Reliance and fished accross from the orvis shop up there. The water there was stained as well, and i only landed one fish and missed one other. To make a long story short, i fished all the way up to the powerhouse, and ended up going back to reliance just before dark to catch one more fish before leaving.

All in all it was pretty stream, a nice day, and a worthwhile trip. I cant wait to go back. By the way if anyone has some pointers for the Hiwassee, whether its flies or where to park, please let me know.

David Knapp
12-29-2007, 08:25 PM
2weight, you actually can make it up to the powerhouse on Spring Creek road, it just takes a little while longer. If you keep going on that road, it will wind around and eventually come out on the Tellico/Reliance highway. Take a right there and in 2-3 (or maybe 4...?)miles or so, you'll be down at the turn to the powerhouse. It is much quicker the other way though...

I fish the Hiwassee some in the colder months and into early spring so if you ever want someone to fish with, give me a holler...