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12-30-2007, 07:58 PM

I'm still learning how to communicate on this board. Question of the day is: How do you determine the "cow standing factor"?

Really enjoyed the advanced fly tying class; now you need one on how to become more literate on this electronic stuff.

12-31-2007, 09:49 AM
The Cow Standing Factor is determined by the percentage of standing cows in the farm field across the road from the shop. The field is hard to see from the parking lot, but from the fire escape (with a pair of binoculars), Byron counts the total number of cows visible in the field noting how many are standing and how many are laying down. From that figure he can give the number of standing cows as a percentage.
Some days the CSF will read N/A. That is caused by the cows being in the other field that can't be seen, or on days like today, there is so much fog that the field isn't visible.

I'm glad you enjoyed the Fly Tying class! Thanks for reading the fishing report.