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01-07-2008, 06:39 PM
I sprung a leak in my waders over the holidays. Maybe standing in 49 degree water with a minor leak in foot of my waders is what caused me to get sick. Who knows? Anyway, it seems that a lot of my time on this board is directed at asking for advice. But, there are some really wise fly fishermen that get on this board. So, I need to know what waders you think provide the most value for the money?

Thanks in advance!

01-07-2008, 06:46 PM
Simms waders

01-07-2008, 08:16 PM
I've always had simms waders. unfortunately, I'm getting a little iffy about them. my previous ones started leaking after 2 years. now, this was 2 years of fishing 4-5 days a week. the ones I have now are leaking a little after 1 year. they haven't seen near as much use. it's not bad yet, but they are leaking. the problem with both pairs is primarily with the stocking feet. they start peeling apart and coming undone. that probably doesn't make much sense, but that's what happens.

they're probably as good as anything, but I think next year I'll go with another brand. maybe the chota or patagonia. I would get a pair of orvis, as I hear they hold up great. I'd especially like to get some of the dark green ones, for stealth purposes. however, I've never found a pair to fit. the foot is usually too big. it's like a big floppy sock, on me at least.

why doesn't anyone else make dark green waders?

edit: I guess that simms grey is somewhat camo, it's the color of a rock.

01-07-2008, 09:29 PM
I would never own another pair of waders except Patagonia. Why? the warranty and customer service. The first pair lasted five years of heavy fishing, when they began to leak, I sent them to Patagonia to be repaired and they sent a brand new pair. That pair last two years when I took a slide on the path at Campbell overlook and split the rear end. I sent them to Patagonia and they replaced them again with another new pair (2007 WaterMaster). Any company that will replace their waders with that type of warranty with no questions asked will continue to get my business.

01-08-2008, 08:37 AM
I have worn Simms, Orvis & Dan Bailey's, i think the Dan Bailey Lightweight is still the best wader for the dollar, the belt & gravel cuffs are attached & the just fit in the right places.
The Orvis Silver Labels come in second with gravel cuffs attached, they are a looser(roomier) fit wader.
The Simms Guides are hard to beat, i just won't fork the $$ out fo them anymore & i like the cuffs/belt attached, the olser i get, the more i forget sometimes & i keep them in a wader bag:eek:
I'd suggest you try them on, with lght clothing, then bulk up as in winter fishing & see which brand gives ya the best fit.


01-08-2008, 10:43 AM
When I first started fly fishing I had a seasoned angler tell me that there are 2 kinds of waders, those that leak now and those that will leak later. I'm still trying to figure out what he meant. But one thing I think is true - they all will eventually leak. So I bought a mid-priced Orvis wader, the silver labels, I was thrilled with this purchase especially when I heard guys talking about there Simms leaking in less than a year while I had 2 years on my Orvis. But in my 3rd season (I fish on average about once a week) it eventually happened they started to leak, I think it was in the area where the neoprene foot attaches to the wader leg, I wanted to repair it and get through the season but just had a hard time finding it. I was shocked when Orvis replaced the waders. However, I have never been as satisfied with the replacement pair. They are the same waders, but the foot seemed way to big (After browsing through an Orvis catalog I discovered that instead of offering the wader in one foot size, they now offer it in 2 sizes - and I just happened to be one of those guys that the old size fit best and I was in between the 2 new sizes). But I must say that I have found Orvis Customer Service to be 2nd to none. While I have the Silver Labels I must say that I really like the cut and the features of the Pro Guides. You might want to check and see if LRO has any of the Pro Guide 2's left as Orvis is introducing the new Pro Guide 3's. I have no personal experience with Simms or Patagonia but have heard similiar testimonials from guys who love and use their products. With all of that said I want to add one final thought. This past summer I noticed the new waders from Cloudveil and I really wanted their waste high wading pant for those hot summer days, I placed them on my "wish list". I received them as a gift this summer. I told my fishing partner the other day that if you were to take all of my fishing gear and told me that I had to replace it with another product, I wouldn't let you have my Cloudveil's. I have the Cloudveil Crystal Creek wading pant, it is a waste high model that pulls on and zips up like a pair of ski-bibs, they are gore-tex, having water-tight zipper pockets and wear like a pair of jeans. I cannot tell you how much cooler I am wearing these in the summer. While I wanted them for hot weather, I wear them all the time. I don't know how well they will hold-up, I have had them 6 months and worn them exclusively with no problems. Yes, I am limited to how deep I can wade, but in those 6 months I have only had to re-route my intended wading path once (that I can remember) because I had on waste highs. I considered that going in and knew that I didn't wade deep often. I like them so much that I have even considered buying a second pair just in case cloudveil does something crazy and stops making them. One more thing, I strongly encourage you to buy your waders and every thing else fishing from a fly shop, LRO - can't be beat, this will help when you need that customer service department. And they can help you understand cut and fit as well.
And about that customer service, let's just be honest some times our waders are worn out and we just need to buy a new pair.

01-08-2008, 05:16 PM
donwinn, I have owned two pairs of Orvis silver labels from LRO. If you like comfort they are hard to beat. I have been pretty rough on my most recent pair and no real leaks. I also I have a pair of Simms that I like ok, but they started leaking after a year. Simms charged me almost $50 to fix them. They were just over a year old. My experience with Patagonia is great, although I have never owned their waders.

01-09-2008, 09:29 AM
:smile: Thanks to all for your suggestions. The input was very helpful.