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01-21-2008, 10:56 AM
LRO owners and staff,

Thanks for all the hard work you guys put in for your customers. I have told some of you before, I have been in a lot of fly shops over the years, but none are as friendly and customer focused as you guys. I am sure that some shop in some obscure place does it as well, but I really have not heard of another shop having free tying demos almost every weekend during the winter. I know that it helps your business, but there is more to what you do than just business. I hope everyone appreciates the effort that you and your demo tiers put in.

The class was great. I learned a lot of new techniques for tying as well as a few hints on fishing the GSMNP. Walter and Brian, thanks so much for your patience and for imparting you knowledge. You guys were great! The most important thing I learned other than the techniques is that time is the most valuable piece of tying material. A lot of time at the tying bench is the key.

Now for the gripe, I am so angry with you guys. Can't you move those mountains a little closer to me? I want to be able to just drop by on Saturdays to chat and watch some fly tying demos! You can take care of everything else, so fix that for me. :biggrin:

Daniel, call me when that reel gets in.

01-21-2008, 06:43 PM
hey Don......didn't get to talk to you sat. at the class, but it was nice meeting everyone.....are you taking the advanced class in feb??

what kind of reel did you get......I was able to pic up a new Scott S3 8' 4wt to go with my new reel (LRO had an incredible price on it)......I even got to throw a few flies fri and sun fully expecting to catch nothing, but I actually had 2 strikes on my indicator (no hook set though).....

anyways, nice to meet ya and I agree, great class and wonderful instructors...


01-21-2008, 07:04 PM

Nice meeting you as well. I heard you talking to Brian about your rod. Do you like the action?

I wanted one of the new Orvis BBS I's, and since they are doing the free line deal, I placed an order. Daniel said they are neat (small and light). I wanted it for my 3wt in use in the mountains.

I will probably come to the advanced class. I need all the help I can find. I wish I had written down the board names of the guys in the class. I think the guy next to me was Flyfishjeep.

Hope to see you on the 9th.

01-21-2008, 08:48 PM
Don, I also had a great time at the class on Sat. It was nice to see some techniques that are hard to understand coming out of a book. We should all be so lucky to have such a great resource at our disposal. It seemed that we all were able to grasp the new techniques with ease. Walter makes it look so easy.

Buckeye, I wish I would have been able to make it to the water this past weekend. I drove down to the Y just to make sure it was still there since I haven't fished in a while.

See you guys in the shop or on the water.

01-21-2008, 10:51 PM
Don and Ben.....I drive the white F150 with the stars and stripes bug deflector, if you ever see it on the side of the stream stop and shout at me....

I knew fishing would be lousy, but I just had to throw the new setup....I spent the rest of the time taking pics...... I got some shots (with a good zoom) close up of a really nice buck in the cove.....I'll try to post them for anyone who likes big bucks....if it was "hammer" season I could have harvested this big buck 16oz claw hammer (he seemed that close as I was standing just outside my truck)

I did fall in love with the new Scott S3. It is the 8 ft 4wt and after about 2 hours I was able to place the fly just about anywhere I wanted it (within about a paper plate diameter)....it is a dream to cast and I'm glad I went with the 4wt on this one. I do have a 3wt and really enjoy fishing with it also.......

Daniel, thanks for all your help in the process of getting this reel in for me and helping with selecting the rod and line....I'm very happy with the choices ....

God Bless and Good Fishing

01-21-2008, 11:30 PM
here are the pics of the buck....




01-24-2008, 12:53 PM
Buckeye, Thanks for the info on the new 4wt. I have been considering one myself. Also thanks for the great pics on the buck. That buck has got a great spread. If he wonders down to south knoxville I will say hello to him in the fall for you. I drive a maroon wrangler with KC lights on it. If I am so lucky to get down to the streams this year make sure to say hello.
Talk to you later.

01-24-2008, 02:19 PM
You guys look for me as well. I drive a red Wrangler with a fly fishing spare tire cover and a Montana tag on the front. I signed up for the advanced class (they had someone cancel so I got a spot). Are you both going to be there. Hope to see you soon.

01-24-2008, 06:46 PM
I'm registered but there is a family issue that may not allow me to attend. My Grandmother (who is 94) isn't doing so well.......50/50 on whether I'll be able to attend.....


01-24-2008, 10:23 PM
Don and Buckeye,
I wish I could be at the advanced class, but the wife is fussing a bit about being gone so much. I play hockey during the weekends, and work a lot during the week, along with 4-wheeling when I can. So when the weekends are here I like to spend time with my 2 young boys. Next winter will be when I take the advanced class. I hope you guys have fun and dont get your skills to advanced that you wont talk to me later.=)

01-25-2008, 12:53 PM
Well fella's I was able to bribe my wife into letting me attend the advanced class on the 9th. Woo Hoo!!! So I will see you guys there!

01-25-2008, 06:27 PM
now that's a good little woman ya have there Ben.....congrats...hope to see ya there (as long as everything goes well for my Grandmother)......