View Full Version : Orvis 1 Ounce Fly Rod

01-30-2008, 04:32 PM
Just curious, has anyone else tried one of these before? I pretty much stole mine from my dad 2 summers ago and the only reason I stopped using it was because I broke it setting the hook. In my opinion, these are of the top fishing poles ever made.

01-31-2008, 12:52 PM
i had a 4wt orvis superfine and liked it a lot--the 1 ounce rod from the superfine series,I found too light,and uncomfortable to hold because of the small handle,but to each his own--I know that any of this series of rods are american made and full of quality-you can't go wrong owning one--is it a 3wt?

Rog 1
01-31-2008, 02:43 PM
This one ounce rod, when built was a 2wt, and the rod handle appears to have been a concession to keeping the weight to one ounce...after beginning my flyfishing experience with an old Ted Williams wonderrod that felt like a broomstick I became fascinated with light tackle.....this culminated in the Orvis one ounce.....in their new series they have modified the handles in their "Trout Bum" edition and to get down to a one ounce rod you have to drop down to a 6 ft. model....I remember the first time I picked up this rod its weight scared me....but I cast doubt aside and made the plunge...I have fished this rod for over 20 years in the park and have brought to hand a 14" brown and a 16" rainbow....it has its place which is usually on the higher backcountry streams and can be a blast on the brookies....
PS..I am the Dad from whom gr8r has purloined this rod...but haven't fussed too much since it has given me the opportunity to fish a little more than I used to....