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02-10-2008, 08:21 PM
Hello all, Shawn and I made a return trip to his favorite brookie stream from last year (even though he doesn't know the name of it). We knew it was going to be cold but we figured we would give it a shot anyway. Even though it goes against conventional wisdom, we woke up extra early and arrived at our destination shortly after full daylight. The air temperature wasn't too cold, at least not for february, but i would guess the air temperature at just above freezing. After a nice little power walk to the river, we got in the water and started throwing our nymphs in hopes of a strike. I started out with two very large nymphs, probably about sizes 6 and 10, while Shawn started out with a smbsh. This produced nothing, although i can't say i was surprised with the water temperature being well below 40 according to my trusty thermometer. I changed a couple times before finally settling on a small bh pheasant tail with rubber legs. This didn't immediately produce results but i figured i would stick with it for the duration of the day. Came up on a couple of nice looking pools and managed to get a few strikes on the pheasant tail and brought two to hand. Although not big, these little beauties at least gave me a shot in the arm. Shawn switched to a small bwo nymph (i think, he may have to correct me on this one) after seeing some hatch in the sunny spots. Once again, this fly didn't immediately produce results but he did end up catching a couple on it, including the first fish on his new rod and reel! This fish really taxed his outfit, but he managed to horse it in..........

All in all, it was a good day for winter fishing, especially since we were up that high fishing for brookies. We managed at least 10 fish in relative little time, i think we were out of the water by 11 30. No extraordinary fish tales this time, but another great day to be out in the mountains and we even collected a few pictures. Hope y'all had a chance to get out and enjoy the weather before the wind arrived.


First fish of the day

Shawn fishing a small hole

Shawn's first fish on his new rod and reel. I really wanted to type something witty in here, but it's just too easy........

Another shot of the stream

This is part of the reason i enjoy trout fishing so much, shots like these

02-10-2008, 09:36 PM
You just had to post this, right? I have to wait another 42 days before I tangle with the brookies...just kidding - that looks like my sort of stream, small and clausterphobic casting conditions. Pretty fish.