View Full Version : Buffalo Creek in Grainger Co.

Green Weenie
02-12-2008, 03:52 PM
Anyone know anything about this creek? Is it even fishable water?

Thanks in advance,

Green Weenie

milligan trout degree
02-13-2008, 07:11 PM


this stream gets stocked on fridays with both trout and grainger co. rednecks. it gets fished out very quickly, and the fish that make it through the first surge are super super super spooky. there is a path that follows the stream for less than half a mile, and has a few obvious holding spots for fish. you can always tell where they are because the ground is worn down, there is trash around, and spilled corn. i don't mean to take anything away from these baitfishers, but they harvest this stream quick, and don't take very good care if the water. there are a few good holes that most people don't fish, but its hard to explain them to you on here. i can help you out with one spot though. if you walk to the end of the trail (where it crosses the stream, and heads back up), walk down the stream a little ways. you'll see a hole that's likely full of fish. I've had good luck here.

If you're thinking about fishing this stream instead of any smokies stream, I'd reconsider, or fish the holston. but yeah, it does have fish. all bows. its where i did my first fly fishing at before i hit the mountains.