View Full Version : better than nothing

02-14-2008, 08:46 PM
Ive been working lately at a house right on fort louden and of course like most lake houses it has a nice dock. So today after work i took the ole fly rod down and preceeded to catch a ton of blue gill. I just put on a tung head pheasant tail, with a strike indicator, and thats all it took. Now blue gill may not be the most challening of fish to catch... but, until we switch the clocks ahead in the spring I really cannot make it to a trout stream with any amount of time left to actually fish during the week. So for now it is blue gill in fort louden... I would like to add that because they are really cold and kind of lathargic their bite can be amazingly sublte. Good practice for those days when the trout seem picky or skittish, and barely touch the fly before spitting it out...