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Dances with Trout 03-15-2008 08:28 PM

Little River Fishing Report 03-15
I was on the Little River today between Metcalf Bottoms and Elkmont. I started fishing around 1:00. There was a tremendous hatch of quill gordons. So much that I had trouble picking out my dry fly at times. The fish were rising and I had probably my best day ever in the park. The right leg of my wader has a small seep hole and I finally had to quit because my leg was numb from the cold water. It rained off and on but never really seemed to affect the fishing. I caught fish on a parachute adams and also the quill gordons and caught my first fish on my new bamboo rod and really nice orvis reel that Daniel recommended. I also pretty much had the river to myself.

God Bless,
Dances with Trout

nvr2L8 03-15-2008 09:33 PM

Dream Day

Sounds like a great day for you. Congrats. It won't be long before none of us have a river all to ourselves so I'm glad you got your day today.

mayday 03-15-2008 09:44 PM

Wet fun
I am interested in what waders you have that leak! I want to buy some tomorrow.

CinciVol 03-17-2008 12:21 PM

I fished Middle and East Prongs of the Little River on Saturday. Caught one small, but pretty bow in the EP and turned a couple on the MP. A slow, wet, but beautiful day in the mountains that all of us who lived out the drought last year would have found beautiful. The rivers were running full and all of the perenial streams were gushing water. It was a waterfall lover's dream day in the park!

Late in the afternoon, I hiked up the manway off Laurel Creek road that goes along the EP for about 1/4 mile and the sun came out for about an hour. It was a little bit of Smoky Mountains magic. There are some amazing pools up there and I just sat and watched big mayflies hatch (QG or BQ, don't know the difference) and lots of black stoneflies that thought my hat was quite the spot for a rest on their way to wherever they go.

I saw no trout rising all day, but there was food a-plenty all over. Weird, maybe it was just a little too cold yet where I was. I great day to be on the water nevertheless. I didn't think about work once...

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