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BlueRaiderFan 03-16-2008 05:51 PM

A Good Girl
I just wanted to let everyone know that a good dog died today. She is the little yellow female lab in my pictures on the link below. Her name was "Pretty" or "Pretty Girl." My wife and I loved her very much and she was a part of our family. As some of you can tell, I had some emotional posts this weekend and I guess it's kind of silly for a grown man to get upset over a dog, but she was and is special to us. She deserves to be remembered. See you guys on the river.

Dwayne and Rebecca

RIP Our Pretty Girl:

Flyfishjeep 03-16-2008 06:10 PM

My sympathies are with your family. We lost a good dog over a year ago, and I cried for a long while. It takes some time to get over the loss.
Someone in heaven with a lot of tennis balls will have a new buddy to play with.

BlueRaiderFan 03-16-2008 06:40 PM


Thanks a lot. Hopefully I will see her again.


Paula Begley 03-16-2008 07:28 PM


We are so sorry for your loss. We dread the day when we lose our (almost 14 year old) springer spaniels, Madison and Gibbon.


Byron Begley 03-16-2008 07:47 PM


I feel your pain and I've been through it before. You will see her some day. Like Paula said, we'll deal with it soon. I dread the days. I'm sorry for your loss. I clicked on your link and didn't get to see Pretty Girl.


BlueRaiderFan 03-16-2008 08:48 PM

Paula and Byron,

Thank you so much. It is a lot harder than I thought it would be. She was a rescue and was severely abused, but we took her in anyway and this gave her such a unique personality. She was really wild at first, but after about a year, she was a sweet little thing that wanted my attention at all hours of the day and night. Most dogs act like "dogs," but she really did have a unique personality and she was such a "daddy's girl." I have been greeted by that dog everyday when I come home from work for the last six years. She would litteraly hop on her front feet and whine until I got the door unlocked and made it into the house. Thanks for letting me share this with you guys and thanks for your concern.

RIP Pretty. We will miss you so much.

jeffnles1 03-16-2008 09:43 PM

Dwayne and Rebecca,
I am sorry to hear about your loss. I understand how much our dogs can become part of the family. We have a little black dog. Her name is Jazzy (J-bo or just baby-J). My mom and dad's dog passed away last summer and I think it took my dad about 6 months to really get over it.

It's OK to mourn the passing of a friend.


nvr2L8 03-16-2008 10:11 PM

My Molly
We have had two dogs since our Cocker Spaniel Molly; she still holds the special place in my heart. I have never done anything so hard as taking Molly to the vet to have her put down - it just broke my heart.

I feel your pain, bud. Prayers for you and your family.

Paddlefish 03-16-2008 10:18 PM

I am a dog lover myself. I have buried a lot of 4 legged friends and it never gets any easier. I will however, always have a dog or dogs as long as I can take care of them. There ain't nothing like a good dog.

bamafisherlady 03-16-2008 10:22 PM

Hey, it's okay to mourn. Loss of any kind is very painful and emtional. From the sounds of it, you gave her a great home and plenty of love and attention. If dogs could speak, she'd would have probably said, "thanks for the wonderful times." And that is what will help you in the days ahead when you are lonely and missing her, remembering all the good times that made your bond so special.

As one who has been there, I'll be thinking of you and praying for you.

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