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scflyfisher 04-28-2008 01:07 PM

I'm finally coming to Townsend
It's been too long since my last trip to Townsend, and I have finally talked my wife and in-laws into meeting there this coming weekend. My in-laws are going to want to spend time with there newest grand-daughter so it is going to give me some decent opportunities for fishing. I'll probably be fishing some Friday, Saturday and maybe a little Sunday before heading home. Just wanted to throw it out there in case theres anyone interested in meeting up for some fishing in the park. I tend to spend most of my time around Little River, but may venture of the beaten path if the crowds are bad. I also wouldn't mind trying to catch the slam one day since I haven't done that yet in the park.


Rog 1 04-28-2008 02:33 PM

Matt...with the water in good shape the way it is and if you are wanting a slam my bet would be to head to Elkmont.....just below the big pool going into the campground there is a little side channel up against the ridge....go in just below the pull off with the no camper can usually pick up a brown or two and your bow in there....I would then head up above the Chimney Trailhead to try for the brookie...good luck.

scflyfisher 04-28-2008 03:03 PM

Thanks Rog. Thats what I was thinking. I usually fish around Elkmont a decent amount when I'm in town. I have always enjoyed chasing browns in Little River the best, so I tend to catch as many of them as rainbows. I guess I have gotten used targeting them so I have a tendency to seek out likely holding spots for browns. The only problem is I tend to get distracted and have spend very little time on the TN side fishing for brookies. I've only fished WPLP above the chimney tops picnic area one time and caught all bows. I really want to accomplish the slam, and this weekend may be the best chance I'm going to have to accomplish it for a while. One thing is for sure, I will have my camera and there will be a full report when I get home.

Thanks for the suggestion.


PeteCz 04-28-2008 04:13 PM


Originally Posted by scflyfisher (Post 51931)
I've only fished WPLP above the chimney tops picnic area one time and caught all bows.

For the best shot at Brookies go above the Chimney Tops Trail.... (way above...)

Or above Alum Cave Trail right off of US441...

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