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Dances with Trout 05-02-2008 08:03 AM

Thursday Evening Fishing Report
I hit Little River above Metcalf Bottoms around 6:00 PM. Within about 20 minutes I hooked and landed my best rainbow to date in the park (13 inches). I landed a small brown quickly after landing the bow. Things started slowing down and around 7:30 I cast to a rising fish and landed another nice rainbow (10 inches) This fish was very pale and did not look near as healthy as the larger one but it was very feisty and made two jumps over a foot each out of the water. Fish started rising and a hatch of huge yellow sallies came off, so much that it almost looked like it was snowing. I had been fishing a parachute adams but changed to a yellow fly but could not get it to float properly. I switched back to the adams, but they didn't seem to want it. I kept throwing to a rising fish and after dusting the fly good with "Top Ride", I hooked and landed a 10" Brown. Light was fading fast and I saw a faint rise and cast to it. I hooked and landed a 14" Brown. It was a magical evening on Little River!

God Bless,

Redfish62 05-02-2008 08:18 AM

Late hatch
Sounds like late evening hatches are still going great.
I had about the same thing happen Wednesday evening.
Glad you had a good evening.

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