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LRPop 05-02-2008 10:06 AM

Photo Section
Bryon and Paula, when did the nice photo section disappear? I can no longer bring it up. Will be up there during the last week of this month. Thanks. LRPop (Auburn, Alabama)

Byron Begley 05-02-2008 04:56 PM

Hi LRPop,

We had to take down the photo board because we couldn't keep up. Loading down the photos and re-sizing them took a lot of time and we didn't have software at the point that could manage the photos efficiently. We have the software now but not the time. It was a decision made by looking at the pageview data. If at some point if we hire a website assistant for me we could start it again. I spend 50 hours a week working on the website, marketing and our direct mail program. I have other duties in the shop that I spend the rest of my time here doing. I had to give up something. I didn't want to quit writing the Fishing Report because of the readership size. It has been very successful. Our Online Catalog is a high priority that requires a lot of photography and writing. We would not be in business without that. This message board is also a high priority. Though you may only see 100 or so people on here at once there are many more who visit throughout the day and night. It runs in the low 1,000's of unique visitors. The photo board never had many visitors.

Sorry we can't offer that service now. I enjoyed looking at the pictures too. Maybe later. Thanks for asking.


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