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tennswede 06-06-2008 02:39 PM


I don't think Mitchell reels were invented by Garcia. They were sold by Garcia in the U.S. before Garcia bought the Swedish reel maker ABU. The origin of Mitchell is from Sardinia by Italian watchmakers who later moved to France to start Mitchell. Mitchell is still a very strong brand in Europe.

Byron Begley 06-06-2008 06:41 PM

Hey Hans,

The Mitchell reels were made in France and imported by the Charles Garcia Company in New York. ABU in Sweden bought the Charles Garcia Company in 1980. ABU made the Cardinal Reels. I think I still have one of those.



tennswede 06-07-2008 04:12 PM


Are we still on for Sept 13, with FFF and the clean up? I haven't heard anything about it lately and I would like to be able to tell Dave something in our next meeting. Let me know.


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