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flyman 08-12-2008 09:44 AM

Bear Attack near the Roaring Fork
Has anyone heard anything new? How is the boy doing? I know that had to be just an awful experience for him :eek: . I think kids and people alone are more susceptible to this type of event. Glad it didn't turn out any worse than it did. If it had been a full grown bear, may have been a different story.:frown:

Bran 08-12-2008 10:24 AM

I've heard so far he was released from the medical center last night with puncture wounds and scratches. Apparently he was playing in the creek there near the Rainbow Falls trail head when the bear attacked unprovoked??

mtnman2888 08-12-2008 01:08 PM

Good to hear everything is ok, that's definitely not something you want to see happen especially to a young one. Stories like this are the ones that make my fiancee freak out, got to make sure she doesn't find out.........

Vern 08-12-2008 01:10 PM

I feel for the father. Having a son myself that I am just now letting fish out of sight of me. it is a scary feeling when when you come out of the stream and don't see your child for a few minutes. I have fished these streams for years and only have spotted a few bears and only one bear acted aggressive toward me. Even though you know the chances are very slim for a bear attack, you worry about your children. Gaintfish is 16 and thinks he is all powerful and knowing, (HORMONES) will he be able to know how to handle a bear confrontation? I have to have the faith that he does, but being a dad I still worry even I know he is only 50 yards in front of me spooking the fish before I get to them.

jeffnles1 08-12-2008 03:20 PM

Like you, I have one of those "10' tall and bullet-proof" teenagers at home. My boy is 13 and barely 100lbs soaking wet, but believes he can wrestle a grizzly to the ground with one hand while casting his 5wt to rising trout with the other. Like any father (or I should say most fathers) I'd do my best to step in between Daniel and a bear (or any harm that would be coming his way).

I hope the boy is OK. Too bad this happened.


TroutAssassin 08-13-2008 01:01 PM

I was watching the midnight news after the olympics and they interviewed the dad and his son that got attacked. From what I understand, they were obviously moving towards the bear because the kid told the reporter that his dad told him, "Dont worry, it wont hurt you". Its a shame that it happened. But from the interview, you could tell that they were not telling the whole story about what provoked it. I dont believe a 55 pound year old cub is going to randomly attack a kid its own size for food or out of aggression. Because of what the kid said during the interview I think obviously a dumb decision was made by the parent. I was driving around the loop earlier this week when a bear was trying to cross the road but was being circled and blocked by a bunch of tourists with cameras. The bear would lunge and do short bluff charges at the people, the people would run away for about 30 seconds and then come encircle the bear again. They kept trapping him about 3 times before they finally got some sense and got back in their cars to let him cross. This may sound harsh but its hard for me to feel sorry for these people if they end up getting attacked because they are obviously aggravating an animal that can easily kill them. I guess they think because he is chomping his jaws and wheezing and snorting that he has pollen in his nose or something.

Bran 08-13-2008 01:10 PM

You're right, it's hard to help those that don't exhibit common sense! The bear numbers have got to be good though because I only spent my second week in TN the 1st of August and I encountered one yearling male about est. 60-70 pounds above Elkmont on Monday evening and then saw a sow with a cub at the loop road at Cades Cove on Thursday. That's pretty tall odds for only being out once every six months I thought.
The little male just wondered off the other way after I saw him, he was only 30 yards from me when I made eye contact. My wife got a couple of pics of him headed the other way, she started to step off after him and I stopped her. I think people in general need more education about bear encounters and how to handle themselves in that situation, even so you would still have those that wouldn't listen, no doubt.

TroutAssassin 08-13-2008 01:30 PM

Bran, They estimate that there are between 1500-1800 bears within the Great smoky mountains park boundries. There is an estimated 2 or more bears per square mile in the park. Cherokee has a extremely healty population as well. If im not mistaken, the GSMNP has the largest bear population in North America. Thats alot of bears in a small area. Tourists need to be educated better, granted you will still have the occasional idiots like you mentioned.

canerod 08-13-2008 02:00 PM

Yes for the size of the GSNP there are a lot of bears, but many areas have more. The Adirondack state park is TEN times larger in area than GSNP and the estimate is around 5000 bears. I would think that Baxter state park in Maine would be larger yet.

sammcdonald 08-13-2008 03:37 PM

the bear in question was weighed at UT...86 pounds.
the same day in the visitor center a "guest" said he had gotten to with 5 feet of a bear in roaring fork....i advised him of park regs and he said he didn't care...he was gonna continue to get close to bears since thats why he came to the park....what an idiot.

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