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BlueRaiderFan 09-28-2008 09:41 PM

Skunked on the Caney...Again.
O.k. so I took my nephew to the Caney down by Lancaster (The Steps?) and started out fishing the middle of the river with a dry stimulator with a black bead head zebra midge dropped down about 4ft (I usually go 2ft, but Grumpy said he likes to fish deeper, so I thought I would give it a shot). I tried the middle, closer to the bank and nothing. I was mending my line well, I think. I couldn't get the last two feet of tippet to mend just right, but it was o.k. I did get one bite. Saw some guys in a drift boat catch one a couple hundred feet to the left of us (looked like a huge brown), so we moved down and tried there when they left (this place is on the bank directly across from the steps from the road). Still nothing. I finally tried a Light Elk Hair Caddis alone on top and still nothing. I saw a really small white fly hatching, but I don't know what it was. I think I'll try a blue winged olive with a midge dropper...Any suggestions?

David Knapp 09-28-2008 10:39 PM

I think when Grumpy is talking about fishing deeper he is referring to using an indicator rig. It will take some split shot to get the fly down. A zebra midge is great as a dropper as long as you keep the dropper length short. In flowing water, it isn't able to sink fast enough on its own to get particularly deep quickly enough. I would suggest keeping your droppers shorter (at least that is what has worked well for me). When fishing out at Lees Ferry in Arizona (where the zebra midge originated I believe), I was told that a fish will come up in the water column to take this pattern and not to let your dropper get too long. If they aren't taking midge pupa then it will be a long day even with this normally amazing pattern. There are always a few fish that can be caught on this rig but you need to learn where they are apt to be feeding if most of the fish aren't keyed on pupa. Let the fish tell you what they want. Some days you can fish a dry/dropper all day and other days it will be very slow on that rig...

If you want to fish a deep nymph rig, stick to using an indicator and split shot...

Worrgamesguy 09-28-2008 11:37 PM

I don't know how you could get skunked on the Caney...

David- Isn't Lancaster where we parked and we all almost fell? The place with the shack across the pull off? If it is, then Lancaster hasn't "shock and awed" me by all means. It seems like fantastic water but when we were there we saw at least a dozen fishermen and only one 17" brown was caught, along with a few that David pulled in. Gerry and I didn't catch any at Lancaster.

BRF, I'll tell you my favorite- a tan sz. 14 EHC with a black and silver zebra midge under it. I've had multiple strikes on the indicator, but I haven't been able to bring one in on the indicator just yet. But I PROMISE that if you go up to Happy Hollow right around daybreak it is IMPOSSIBLE not to catch a fish, it's unreal how many fish are in that shallow water not even 10 feet out.

To your question about length of tippet, here's a method I made up that has worked great for me- make your elbows touch your side, and hold the spool of tippet with both hands in the middle of your chest. Grab the end of the tippet on the spool, still keeping elbows on your sides, pull your hands apart until your arms go straight out from your body. Grab the place where the tippet meets the spool with your left hand, keeping your right hand straight out, and pull one more length until your left hand becomes straight out from your body. Make sense? Sorry it might be a little confusing :redface:

Flat Fly n 09-29-2008 07:55 AM

Blame it on the Almanac
Yesterday was supposed to be a bad day to fish........

I know a couple who plan everything around the almanac, maybe their right!! LOL

It's a good excuse for you.

I agree with Plat. Ditch all that Stimulator mess and say if you are fishing in 3-4 ft. of slight current or more tie on your terminal tippet of about a foot. Add to the surgeons knot or blood knot area some Loon Soft lead(trick i use is leave the ends of the excess mono a little longer than usual, about 2mm and it helps hold the lead on). I then use Lefty's Indicator yarn in white. IF there is current add about 4-6 in more than the actual depth to compensate for the bend in the leader/tippet from the current. IF no current, make it the same as the depth.

Rule of thumb. If you have a great fly and no strikes. Make the indicator 4 inches longer to get the fly deeper. Do this about every 10 drifts until you either start picking up fish or you start hitting the bottom. If you pick up the bottom then back up 2-3 inches and you should be putting it on their nose!

Grumpy 09-29-2008 08:15 AM

Good advice guys.


BlueRaiderFan 09-29-2008 12:29 PM

Guys thanks for all of the advice. I will try all of it on my next trip. Lancaster does seem to be tough, but I want to keep trying until I catch on there. I figure if you can catch one there, you can catch them anywhere. Also, is an indicator easier to move that a dry? Because if I'm constantly moving my dry, I'll be adding and taking off tippet like crazy. So far, I've just used a dry as an indicator.

BlueRaiderFan 09-29-2008 02:11 PM

Never mind...Googled it and I see that an o ring indicator can indeed be moved up and down the line without tying it off. Thanks again for all of the help.

JimmyC 09-29-2008 04:14 PM

I'm sending you a box of dynomite. Check your certified Homeland Security messages.

BlueRaiderFan 09-29-2008 05:37 PM


Originally Posted by JimmyC (Post 58529)
I'm sending you a box of dynomite. Check your certified Homeland Security messages.

Ha! The sad part is: I probably still wouldn't get a fish.:frown:

Flat Fly n 09-29-2008 09:06 PM

I can change the depth of a yarn indicator in 10 seconds or less.. but then again I have been using them forever, and I work with my hands.

Buy some of the Lefty's little secret indicator. It is good for big water and especially skinny water where you can use like a micro indicator in 8-10" of water. Seriously, it's great. Take along a pair of scissors. I use the scissors/pliers combo from Dr. Slick. The secret to loosen or remove the indicator is to pull both tips/wings of the indicator at the same time and it loosens the knot. I little practice and you will never use another indicator again. Also. it comes with a double twist of yarn together. Use only one twist and sometimes only a part of it. If you go out west buy some ahead of time, because I once search 4 flyshops in W. Yellowstone before finding some. Seems they like those huge ones and put them back about 6 feet from the fly. I can't figure that out for the life of me. Think VERTICAL!

PS.. What is a Blue Raider anyway?

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