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flyred06 02-02-2009 01:23 PM

looking for opinions on Wulf triangle line
I am wanting to purchase a new fly line and I like what I am reading on the wulf triangle taper lines. I have cast one and it was ok but it was at the fly fishing expo. I do not know anyone who owns this line so any imput would be helpful. The other line I am thinking about is the cortland sylk line. These lines will be used on a new Walter Babb cane rod. He uses the cortland sylk in a DT. I do not Like DT. So either line would be in the WF selection. Any info on this line would be appreciated.

Grumpy 02-02-2009 01:33 PM

I've fished TT for a long time, great roll casting lines. The Sylk is a lighter line, i would go up a size or a DT for a boo.


Troutman 02-02-2009 03:46 PM

I have a 7wt TT bass taper line so I can only comment on it. I don't really like it. It is more of a shooting head and while it does cast a long ways when you need it to, the head section feels so heavy and causes a lot of tip bounce or I guess I should say excessive flex in the tip on the back cast. It throws off my timing when I think the line has straightened out and then the weight of the head pulls on the rod tip. It just doesn't roll out smoothly for me. I much prefer the Rio Clouser over it.

I bought a Sylk line to use on my boo rod last year and did not like it either. I could not get used to the smaller diameter and went back to the good ole 444 peach for the boo and my glass brook trout rod.

flyred06 02-02-2009 04:09 PM

Thanks guys. I may just stay with the Ole SA lines that I have been using.

gmreeves 02-02-2009 04:37 PM

I have cast a few and like them for certain situations. Roll Casting, they are hard to beat. They also throw a nice dry fly with a light presentation in close. I think they are a little on the light side in close and on the heavy side out far due to the long taper that is characteristic of the TT line.

I am not familiar with the Cortland Sylk but am wanting to try it out. I have recently begun using RIO lines and like them alot. I like DT on rods I am not going to be casting long distances and WF lines on rods I plan on needing to shoot line or have a lot of line in the air.

mcfly 05-08-2009 07:17 PM

I wouldn't fish it if the line was free.

Grumpy 05-08-2009 10:17 PM


Originally Posted by mcfly (Post 66737)
I wouldn't fish it if the line was free.

wow mcfly, thanks for the contribution to the thread.


cubefisher 05-08-2009 11:02 PM

Grumpy sold me the sylk and the TT. I fish the sylk on my 7' 'boo, and it's fantastic on that rod. It didn't do so well on my Trout Bum. I use the TT on the Bum, and it's awesome. Then again, the TT is really awesome on both. Go figure. Anyway, both are 4wt, 7' rods. He's right about the TT and the roll casting. It is a heavier line, and I'm a bit of a klutz, so the feel of the TT is much more obvious to me. It's an EXCELLENT line, in my opinion.

ttas67 05-09-2009 07:45 AM

I've tried the sylk on bamboo and did not like it. it gets very sticky in warm weather. some say they don't have this problem, and others say they do. I did.

As for triangle taper on bamboo, I have not tried the standard TT, but I do fish a wulff long belly on an 8.5 5wt bamboo and it is wonderful.

gary - are you using that Wulff bass taper on a fiberglass? If so, I can imagine that it would probably be overkill. I think it would also make the tip give out on a soft-tipped rod like a winston or something. However, I recently put it on a loomis cross current 6wt and it is a dream to cast. The rod is sort of marginal with a standard WF, but the bass taper really makes it come alive.

flyman 05-09-2009 01:19 PM

Trevor makes a good point about matching the line to the rod. IMO no one line is right for every rod. So often I hear people say they like brand X or brand Y. I don't think enough attention is paid to matching the line to the rod. You wouldn't put the same tires on a Ferrari that you would your 4x4 pick-em-up;) There can be quite a bit of difference in lines of the same line weight. Not just taper and running line diameter, but actual weight.

As you can see there can be quite a bit of difference in lines. I'm sure Walt has chosen the line he feels will preform the best for a reason:smile:

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